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Basket Mania of NY joins #Operation Gifting, a global campaign by The Gift Basket Industry to support local health care workers.

By Jules Lavallee

Los Angeles, CA (The Hollywood Times) 4/27/20 – In the spirit of support and collaboration in these difficult times, Basket Mania of NY is delivering gifting goodness to our healthcare workers. #OperationGifting “It is important to me because my city and state have been hit so hard and I have had to visit someone close to me after surgery back in January and saw how hard the healthcare workers work and care! I also love my city and state and want it to come back to what it was just a short time ago. I also care about sending out care packages nationwide because the whole country as well as globally has been impacted in some shape or form.”- Elaine Langsam, Owner of Basket Mania


Tell us about Basket-Mania.

Basket-Mania is a boutique company that prides itself on quality. We work with you to bring your vision to fruition. We customize to fit your needs and visions while also allowing people to buy designs already created right from the site.


We stay on trend and current as with #OperationGifting and our “Nominate Your Mom” Contest for Mother’s Day. You can enter at “I am looking for stories that will touch my heart, resonate, and bring tears to my eyes.”- Elaine Langsam

The winners will be announced on Facebook on May 1st. To enter please go to The contest ends on May 1st. We ship nationwide.

“It is important to put smiles on people’s faces, especially, at a “ surreal” time that we are all experiencing. If I can help in even a small way by making boxes filled with snacks for healthcare workers and running a “Nominate Your Mom” contest for Mother’s Day by presenting deserving moms with a spa basket, then I am happy!”

Tell us about #Operation Gifting 


The only way to deliver gifting goodness to our healthcare workers during the COVID-19 crisis is by shipping. Some states will allow in person deliveries but locally we have to ship. 

We are sending out boxes with our #OperationGifting blue and white design. Our boxes come in different sizes and are filled with packaged snacks. I have sent out boxes locally as well as to other states. People can also go to my website and purchase a box of any size and it will be filled and sent out.


Let’s be Creative! How are your gift baskets unique?

They are unique because I think out of the box and am not stuck on a certain kind of container. If I see something that is unique and eye catching I create a design around it.


Tell us about your Real Estate VIP Program. 

We offer a Realtor Gifting Program including gifts for closings,”pop-bys”, gifts that say “Thank You” and gifts to help clients celebrate any memorable occasion.

When a realtor enrolls in the VIP program they get exclusive bonus offers, discounts, offers, and specials. We also offer a dedicated private page with their logo on our website with the gifts we designed for our VIP.