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B.WR Is Luxury Defined

By Audrey Rock

San Pedro, CA (The Hollywood Times) 5/23/29 – There’s a reason B.WR (pronounced, appropriately enough, “b-wear”) feels so luxurious. The company was built and conceived specifically as an answer to products that are made with irritating, synthetic materials.

B.WR has something different in mind. They’ve created intimates made out of–get ready for it–bamboo cotton. So this organic, eco-friendly intimates line has managed to create something truly revolutionary. Underwear that’s as good for the outside of the body, as vitamin-rich kale or low-fat tofu is for the inside.

What results is truly, no lie: the most luxuriously breathable intimates you can imagine wearing. If that weren’t enough to convince you, they’re also donating a portion of all sales to non-profit sexual health and education organizations. They openly supported planned parenthood in 2018, lauding them as a “safe haven to seek care, comfort, and knowledge when it comes to our bodies and futures.”

And, body awareness and health comes full circle. Their bold stance on an issue so directly appropriate to the product somehow makes them even more appealing.  

There’s not a single part about B.WR we don’t already love. The simple yet sexy classic black underwear (in thong, lace thong, and bikini styles) truly fits like a luxurious second skin. It’s also legitimately “delicate”–one must machine cold, use gentle cycle,and lay flat or hang to dry.

IT’s a small price in effort to own underwear that you literally still think about after removing it for your bath, and look forward to putting back on. B.WR offers customers options–you can sign up for a subscription, sit back, and enjoy getting your new favorite pair of underwear once a month. Or, you can simply pick out your favorite and buy online at shopbwr.com.

B.WR has a men’s line of underwear, too. We can’t help but think it would make a great gift for the eco-conscious, or comfort-loving (or both) father. One can’t go wrong with this revolutionary line of gorgeous, refined, and earth-friendly underwear.

Learn more about B.WR at shopbwr.com.