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Award-winning Talk Show Host, Speaker, and Author Ernee Peppers, Shows Us How to Build an Empire in the Empire State 

By Jules Lavallee

Los Angeles, California (The Hollywood Times) 5/10/2021 –  Ernee Peppers is the Hottest Talk Show Host with her larger-than-life personality, High-Heel Steppin, High-Hair Wearin, and High-Energy Given, this Queen has built an empire in the beautiful Empire State of NY. She is the ever-popular Talk Show Host of the Ernee Peppers Show. The show provides an exhilarating glimpse into the world of up-and-coming Entrepreneurs and Artists. Ernee joins the guests for a day, stepping into their shoes for a few hours; she immerses herself in their schedule — and never loses her sense of fun and authenticity! And with DJ Evolushun on the wheels of steels, you better not come on the show without a dance with Ernee. This is truly a show that celebrates the ordinary everyman’s ability to become an EXTRAORDINAIRE. She’s here to let everyone know it’s all right to embrace your passion, desires, and what makes them superstars.

You’ve always had a passion for fashion, acting, and dancing. Share your background. 

Yes, I have but it was found all by mistake. When I was 2-years-old my mom sent me to Trinidad to live with my uncle 2 brothers and sister and at 8-years-old my mom passed away and my dad sent me to live with him, his wife, and his son in New York and it was terrifying. Because I had never met him.  I have swept away from everything that I had ever known and loved to come live with complete strangers.  And strangers they were.  Due to the traumatic experience, I went from being loved by my family and everyone on a tropical island, warm weather all the time, living in a house, playing outside with the chickens, pigs, being free to run around, picking fruit from the trees and eating it being a little girl who was happy.  To the hustle and bustle of New York cold seasons, winter coats, snow, and in the projects. To top it off be with a family who treated me unkind. That’s a nice word for it.  So, I stopped talking.  They had me speak to counselors after counselors but I was told not to say anything about what takes place in their home. I remember the one time I did and got my ass beat terribly. So I certainly stopped that. I even got left back in 3rd grade Ms. Kokat’s class because I didn’t speak or write. I was literally scared. Until my 5th-grade teacher shows me how to become a character/actor and I didn’t have to show anyone what I was feeling inside. This is when I got into acting and performing and never stopped.

What is about being on stage that fuels your soul? 

Wow! Fuel my soul is definitely what I feel when I’m on stage. I’m now in control of what people see and feel.  I control their emotions.  My goal is to make them forget their problem as I do. A kind of putting all that’s bothering you on pause for a moment while I sweep them away with great energy, gut-busting laughs, something that they can just put a big smile on their face. Just for a little while because if they are experiencing a drop of unhappiness like I did. I want them to remember me and pull a smile out whenever they need to smile.  After experiencing what I experienced you never know what people are going through or what they have been through. I always tell people to stop bothering folks.


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Tell us about the popular, Ernee Peppers Show. What excites you the most? 

The Ernee Peppers Show is my first breakthrough and production is done by me for me, but all about your show. I created The Ernee Peppers Show because I worked in the talk show field for a few years. The Rolanda show, Montel Williams, Ricky Lake, and always wanted to work on the Queen Latifa show but never had the chance to. But I use to see the things that they did and always said I wouldn’t do it like that if I had my own show. I and some other people that worked for the show had to sit and hype the audience and the same audience would come back just to see me and would say you should have your own show and that sparked the flames. While searching for my passion, freedom, and a chance to do my own thing I came across the Brooklyn Community Access Television (BCAT) now BRIC MEDIA and VOILA all of my dreams and passion came to life. I ignited, created, produced, and Host THE ERNEE PEPPERS SHOW.

What excites you the most about your show? 

What excites me the most about the show is that I have the chance to bring my distinctive voice, exceptional interview skills, passion for helping others, and inclusive brand of humor to the show that provides an exhilarating glimpse into the world of the up-and-coming Entrepreneurs and Artists. The guest joins me on the couch to a hilarious nonstop conversation about their lives while showcasing their product, service brand, or performance. Through it all, I never lose my sense of fun or authenticity! And guests find themselves wanting to be on her couch and with DJ Evolushun (my husband) on the wheels of steels you better NOT come on the show without a dance with me. The show truly celebrates the ordinary every person’s ability to become an EXTRODINAIR and I’m here to let everyone knows all right to embrace your passion, desires, and what makes you unique. All my life I’ve embraced everything different, fabulous, and plain old “YASSSS BABY!”

Do Girls Just Want to Have Fun?

Baby, I don’t know about most gurls but I can tell ya that Ernee Peppers live to have fun. Life is way too short. Ya, live and ya die so why not have fun while ya living because nobody ever came back from the dead and said they were having fun. Funny thing I always put a warning on my events that is not your average event be aware you will have FUN and FUN they do have. Hahaha! Great question.

Tell us about your fun guests. Why is your show LOVED nationally?

My guest ends up being really great friends. Because it’s hard to find people that think the way that you do. When I get the chance to sit and converse with a total stranger and connect with them and their passion. Hmmm, baby, you have reached inside their soul and unlocked what makes them feel alive. And that is the ultimate to me. I gravitate towards my guest because so many people will never ever get the chance to live their dreams or find their passion when you meet a person that has made the choice to tap into their extraordinaire and take the road to be happy over just surviving and no regrets about what someone else thinks that’s truly amazing. And you are not living your best life if you’re not truly living your dreams and passion.  Now, I don’t know about any other show but what makes my show enjoyable, loveable and fabulous-able hahaha is that a word? But what makes me and my show unique and has aside from the rest is that I love to have fun and bring my high energy to the show. What’s most thrilling about being on my show is that I live in their world for a moment. What I know for certain is that an entertainer or a brand love to share so I would ask my guest to teach me how to sing, dance, try their product, demonstrate their service or product right on tv. Whatever it is that my guest has to promote I want to give them the most explosive experience on The Ernee Peppers Show.


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As a performer, what do you enjoy the most?

As a performer, host, speaker, influencer I enjoy is knowing that I have no limits. I have removed the glass ceiling and the world is my oyster and what I think of I can be to create and have all. I enjoy being free to think, feel it and actually produce it.  And as a performer, I can control someone’s ultra-happiness, and trust me baby a Sistah’s aim is to always please and capture a standing ovation.  Brava darling, Brava…

My ultimate enjoyment is when I’ve finished the show my guest or audience member comes to me and thank me for having a great time and let me know that they have been to events and shows but never did they have such a great time. And ask when is the next show or event. That’s the ultimate of all ultimate’s. I go to sleep at night like a baby. You can look at the show on YouTube the Ernee Peppers Show.

Tell us about the MRS PEPPERS PLAYBOOK. Why inspired you to write this book?

Mrs. Peppers Playbook WHEW! I love it. I’m gonna let you in on a little secret of mine. I’m obsessed with my name Ernee Peppers hahaha! Peppers everything….the name is different and it’s soooo me. Hot and spicy. Well, I’ve been speaking for over 15 years or so and between my show platform, events, a talent show, and industry nightclub gigs, pageant judge the age-old question that I’ve gotten time and time again is…Ernee I had an amazing time.  It more fun than I expected and that’s because of your style and personality.  How did you learn how to do all that entertaining?  Shucks, I always wanted to do that but was scared to get up and do that in front of strangers. Did you go somewhere to help you speak? I’ve got question after questions and my answer was always.  No, I’m naturally like that. Until I had a coach that would have this saying.  You know something and wanna upgrade your status? Package it up and put it in a book.  So, I did just that.  I packaged up what it is that I do on stage, TV, or virtual and placed it in a book.  And the only thing that I needed was a title and since this book is all about my experience and how I do things that I do, I figured that I’ll name it after me.  Mrs. Peppers Playbook.  The 7 most fun tips to overcoming the fear of speaking publicly.  One thing for sure 2 things for certain people love to be entertained. Mrs. Peppers Playbook is simply every trick that I show on stage. I wasn’t taught these tricks, I just did them because I’m unique. I’ve always hated to look and do what others have done. Shit, If you and I just happened to wear the same dress to a function I would be upset because I wanted to be stand-alone. This is why I had to get a hairstyle that would only fit me and me only. No, I stand out in a crowd. The book is a tip to use right now. And I guarantee that with doing my tips word for word you will not only overcome the fear of speaking publicly but have fun doing it. Speaking publicly that lots of people don’t know is that it is once you know that the people are just as feared as you. You are now in control and it becomes addictive.

Is public speaking the key to success?

Gurl, speaking is the key to all communications. But speaking publicly is a skill. Now your success comes through the power or mastering, creating, and owning your lane and niche. This is when speaking is now considered a success. When you can speak and communicate with everyone effectively in your niche area of expertise. as an expert speaker, you must know what problem it is that you solve. This is one of the reasons why YouTube is so successful. You don’t know something, ask YouTube and they will not only show you but break it down to you. As a speaker, you have a job to do. Solve people’s problems. For instance; I’m a public speaker whose lane is to help others to overcome the fear of speaking publicly. I have entered an arena where over 10’s of thousands of people ask that question every day. I’ve decided to enter into an extraordinary field to achieve, impact and dominate that area that needs help. And I do it effortlessly. Grab a copy of my book WWW.MRSPEPPERSPLAYBOOK.COM I tell ya all the trick and explain everything from the rooter to the tooter to make you speaking in no time. It’s a fast and fun read.

You are a keynote speaker for many events. Where can we see you in 2021?

2021 you can see me mostly doing virtually. I will be hosting and keynote speaking on many platforms.  Lots of conferences, podcasts, book tours, and pop-up shops. Coming Soon!  I will be having my book conference and book tour where I invite authors and influencers to expose and promote their books and business. I will also be on tour and sharing a platform with my coaches Taurea Vision Avant and Dr. Cheryl Woods. Just stay link to @peppersspeaks Facebook/pepperspeak I’ll definitely promote and post the events so you won’t miss a thing and if anyone is interested in being a part of the conference hit me up on Facebook/peppersspeak I will love to have you and bring your friends along for the ride. There will be games and prizes there.

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