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AVN – It is Adult but it is All Business

By Valerie Milano

Las Vegas, NV (The Hollywood Times) 1/31/19 – As the Adult Video Network (AVN) exposition came to life for its 4 day run in Las Vegas, the services and products of the adult industry were on display throughout the Hard Rock Casino convention space located just a off the Las Vegas strip. While industry people and products filling the space were very visible to the participants and public, the real purpose of the AVN became apparent after a brief review of the conference schedule. The exhibit floor was not open until 12 PM each day. However the business conferences in the meeting rooms started at 10 AM with four – six meetings per day. Those meetings were one hour and 30 minutes or one hour and 50 minutes each and where often double tracked.

AVN Awards Las Vegas and After Parties 2019

After attending several of the meetings, it became clear to this reporter that adult entertainment is indeed a business. A multi-billion dollar per year business. Meeting topics included new platform technologies seminars, legal issues, presentations from successful business developers, methods for receiving and disbursing money, and , of course, daily sessions for speed networking.

On the convention floor, live free camera entrepreneurs, mostly women, continued their live chats with online customers. Their performances were somewhat restricted by Las Vegas’ strict no GN rules. That is, genitalia and nipples needed to be covered in any public space. Although no statistical data is available, one could speculate that miles of tape where consumed in the process of placing strategic Xs on the models.

Porn star Alyssa Lynn, second from left, during the AVN Adult Entertainment Expo

Another feature of the convention floor was the abundance of booths provided by major content contributors where the public and participants could meet, visit with and get autographs from the stars of the videos. In some cases there were lines 40 to 50 people deep. This reporter is unfamiliar with who the major stars are so was unable to determine which were the more popular actresses and actors.

In the reports to follow the competition between the two major free video camera companies present at AVN will be addressed. Those two companies, myfreecam.com and MANYVIDS, had well over 100 models live streaming content from the show. The CEO of Manyvids, Bella French, also gave a very informative seminar on her rise from model to CEO. She was also one of the nominees for the AVN awards. The interesting legal issues facing the business in light of the newly implemented Federal anti-trafficking law will also be addressed.