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Ava Max “Who’s Laughing Now”

By Kevin Dranoff

(The Hollywood Today) 8/11/20 – Ava Max drops a hard body track called “Who’s Laughing Now” which from my opinion is kind of cookie cutter but she makes it taste good.  She drops it hot like we can’t get enough.  This one is catchy and I’m not sure it’s her best yet but it definitely has good timing.  I really enjoyed the video and I appreciate that she is dropping music regularly and as a fan I appreciate the void that I’ve been missing since Sia isn’t dropping as hard lately.  It looks like Ava is going to be sticking around and bringing more and more.  She is hot to trot and brings pain for all of her haters!  This is the alternative kind of pop stuff that I enjoy opposed to the more aggressive rap type which is too exploitative.