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Author Rachel McCord and her book 'Slay The Fame Game'

Hollywood’s “it” girl, Rachel McCord, proudly announces the release of her new book, “SLAY THE FAME GAME”(www.slaythefamegame.com). 

Your ultimate guide to cracking the fame code, McCord’s book gives you industry secrets on how to “break into Hollywood and social media without it breaking you!”

After reading thousands of self-help books from the age of 13, McCord penned her own sassy self-LOVE and Hollywood “how-to” guide for young girls seeking extraordinary lives. 

Drawing on her own experiences, from growing up in trailer parks in Georgia, to overcoming early life traumas and ultimately making it in one of the world’s most competitive industries; the entertainment industry. 

McCord thoughtfully empowers readers to love, accept, and believe in themselves, even as they face the crippling social media scrutiny and self-defamation that comes with chasing after your big dreams.

 She shares her top five tips for girls to live by: Always believe in yourself. Whether you want to “SLAY THE FAME GAME”, or you just want to slay life in general, you need to think positive thoughts and always believe in yourself.

Be authentic. If you don’t brand yourself, someone else will…and you may not like what they come up with! Decide who you are, and what you want to be known for…be that 100%. 

Network like a Queen. Make the conversation about the other person, and, when asked, have your “humble brag” ready to go.

Develop great relationships. Business is all about relationships. Stay humble, be the first to bring value, and, never burn a bridge.

Build a supportive community. Create an environment for success, by surrounding yourself with other successful people, who you love and respect. 

“Every girl should feel like a queen, whether she is on the red carpet, or in the grocery store checkout line,” says McCord, and her book offers insight on all of the real-world essentials to conquer the fame game, from staying centered and mentally strong, to slaying social media, networking events, and rocking your portfolio. 

While the advice centers on her own experience modeling and helping fellow talent in the industry, McCord writes for girls everywhere, in every industry, who seek help with personal branding,networking, and nailing their “humble brag.” 

Every girl in today’s social media-driven culture lives a very public life, and McCord offers game-changing tips for navigating through the inevitable insecurities, peer pressures, and self-judgment that will arise,without losing your most important asset: your unique and beautiful heart.

Rachel McCord is a model, “on-camera” personality, speaker, author and philanthropist. Earning features in top magazines and outlets, including Vogue and Glamour, Rachel is also the star and producer of her own show, “The Rachel McCord Show: From Trailer Parks to Red Carpets”, and a renowned speaker on such stages as UCLAThe Startup Series, Marketing in the Digital Age, and Share.Like.Buy.

Passionate about leveraging emergent media platforms to help fellow talent accomplish their dreams, she works tirelessly to inspire others, and help them realize that no matter where you come from, you can live a full and fabulous life. 

A serial entrepreneur at heart, Rachel collaborates with, advises, and encourages her vast network of peers, celebrities, bloggers, and influencers on all things related to branding, social media, and Hollywood.