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Audiences Cheer Amid Standing Ovations and Excitement of Premieres

By Virginia Schneider 

Austin, TX (The Hollywood Times) 03/10-19/2023 – Audiences could not contain their excitement during the screening of Tetris, starring Taron Edgerton who plays Tetris designer and entrepreneur, Henk Rogers. The real Henk Rogers was also in attendance at the SXSW screening, providing a great deal of fan excitement at the event. The film tells the history of its famous video game including political intrigue involving other video game companies, even the Soviet Union.

The latest installment of the hit horror franchise Evil Dead, Evil Dead Rise, did not disappoint fans who were raucous and ready to see to see a long-awaited return of the cult film. Director Lee Cronin spoke of wanting to honor the legacy that fans desire, while he also wanted to forge new paths with the story so that it keeps surprising and growing.  Bruce Campbell, original star and now an Executive Producer of the film, was also in attendance and delighted festival attendees.

Audiences were so enthralled and delighted during the premiere of Problemista that several lines of dialogue were covered up with laughter, usually when writer-director-star Julio Torres was featured. Torres plays Alejandro, an aspiring toy designer in New York City who is trying not to get deported back to El Salvador. Alejandro seeks a job from the eccentric Elizabeth, played by Tilda Swinton, who plays an emotionally volatile employer, barking orders at employees and horrifying Alejandro at turns with her behavior. In the end, he is able to take the best from Elizabeth, learning from the character’s assertiveness.  Torres’ directorial debut examines immigration with its maze of bureaucracy and red tape with condor, humor and vivid imagination.