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Astrology of Love- Weekly Romance Prediction

Get Real

This week we continue to weave through Aquarius season on our way to Pisces, as Venus, the planet of love, still remains in Pisces, the sign of the psychic. That means, our intuition is getting a boost! Just in time too…

We came out of a full moon in Leo last week with a call to assert ourselves and move forward in our love lives and all matters of the heart. This week we have Saturn conjunct with the sun, which basically means we are feeling the pressure. That combined with the Valentine’s Day madness upon us, the call to “get real” with ourselves and love lives has probably never felt stronger for many of us. Saturn is the taskmaster planet, the big daddy disciplinarian energy. Basically, it is not here to play around. With it shining in the sun’s good graces, it means we are feeling a deep need to get real.

We Have the Power

Saturn is also the keeper of time, so that could mean we are feeling the pressure of life goals or milestones such as being married by a certain age, or a biological clock tick. Also, let us not forget this is the week of Valentine’s Day so that always adds a little pressure to the cooker. Now, while I don’t recommend going out and marrying the first person you encounter (stranger things have happened at astrological times like these) I do recommend working with the astrology instead of against it. By using the current strong tie to Pisces, we can do a little soul-searching to get real with ourselves and our goals for our love lives.

While many aspects of relationships can feel out of our hands; when we meet people, how we feel about them, why we are spending Valentine’s Day alone etc. we actually have a strong amount of free will regarding our relationships. While some aspects may be written in the stars, some things are completely under our control. And those are the aspects I want to work with this week. Nothing can make us feel more down and out than a holiday of love spent alone, or a special day not going the way we expect it to with a partner. But let us remember, the key to manifestation (getting what we want) is aligned action, steps being taken on the physical plane that is inspired from above and from our inner knowing. We have both aspects of that astrologically in full force right now, so let’s use them to our advantage!

Get Real About Your Love Life

Our mission this week is to “Get Real.”

We are going to use the Saturn system of organization to get real about our goals and what steps we need to get there. We do it for all other aspects of our lives, why not our love lives?

So first we are going to use the energy of Pisces to delve into our dream state and figure out what we truly want out of a relationship and our love lives. This can include physical things like- travel, children, marriage, or emotional things like- feeling appreciated, being seen, feeling understood, or compatibility aspects-loves skiing, practices Kabbalah, enjoys spending time with family, etc.

Or perhaps partnership is not on your wish list at the moment, you could also aim the list at what you want your love life, in general, to look like. Perhaps you are looking more for companionship, people to help show you around your new city, or to go with you to all the free concerts in the park. Getting real about that is equally magnetic as you will begin pulling in people with the same goals in that arena as you. There’s no right/wrong here, it’s just what works for you and your love life. So, your action list might look more like “reach out to the cute guy at work” or “create a dating app profile.”

Also, if you are already in a partnership, how can you make it better? Are there things you want but haven’t asked for? Are there things that brought you together you haven’t done in a while? Or maybe that Saturn pressure is pushing you to talk about goals and timelines you’ve already set forth, such as marriage and kids. Now is the time to evaluate. Again, not saying you have to run out and get married, but even having the conversation can help figure out appropriate timelines and see where both of you stand.

Write It Out- Your Weekly To-Do List

Here is where we put pen to paper as the first step towards creating the love life of our dreams.

 What Do You Want Out of a Relationship

Write Down…

*At Least Three Things You Want Out of Your Love Life

*At Least Three Things You Want Out of a Partner

*At Least Three Things You Want in A Relationship

 What Are the Steps to Help You Get There

Write Down…

 *At Least Three Solid Steps Per Goal

 Helpful Hint:

A great thing to do here if you are single is to think about the exercise where we “date ourselves” and see what things in our lives we might want to course correct. And remember if we are asking it of a partner, we should be achieving it ourselves. For example, if you want a financially independent person, are you financially independent? If you want someone who is interesting, with a lot of hobbies…are you interesting, with a lot of hobbies? It should be a partnership, so equal footing. The more you yourself embody what you want, the more you are able to pull it in, naturally. Also check out things like, is there room for a partner in your life? Physically and figuratively! Make room on their side of the bed, clear out some space in your closet, and maybe stop spending every Saturday night with your sister. Leave a little space, because the universe loves nothing more than to fill a vacuum.

If you are currently in a relationship, your action steps could be voicing to your partner what you want, having conversations about long-term goals, starting a savings account nest egg, etc.

If you are single and looking for more of a mingle than a partnership, then like mentioned before your list could be “Create dating app profile” or even something as simple as “Be honest on dates about what I want.”

Saturn likes to set things in stone, but Pisces can help you get creative. While Saturn is a force to be reckoned with, it responds to will, so if you are sure of what you want, it will often line up behind you instead of working against you. Or if what you want is not really in your best interest, it will go ahead and run you over until you point yourself in the right direction. While it’s not exactly gentle, it does have your best interests at heart, so pay attention to its guidance.  Pisces on the other hand is also great at helping you think of things in a non-traditional way. Your love life is yours, so it doesn’t matter what society thinks, what your friends think, or what your intrusive and overbearing mother thinks. It’s about what makes you genuinely happy and works for your life. So don’t get bogged down here by the “I’m this age so I should want/have these things.” That’s not the goal here. Things happen in their own time when we are ready for them. The goal here is simply to get homed in and move towards the things that you want.

So this week, let’s work with the astrology instead of against it to “Get Real” about your love life. Happy Valentine’s Day and more importantly…Happy star surfing!

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