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Astrology of Love- Weekly Romance Prediction:

Bring It Up To Clear It Up

With the sun in Pisces, Mars in Gemini, and Mercury in Aquarius, we have a lot of wishy-washy energy. With Pisces water sloshing us around, combined with the gusts of Aquarius and Gemini air energy, we can be feeling scattered, emotional, and maybe just a little off balance.

One thing that can happen during this time of Pisces’ reign, and with the air sign entourage is we could be feeling up in the air and in our heads, where things can get a little fuzzy. Time can begin to blur and old energy and emotions can resurface, in a big way. They can feel like they are still actively happening, when in fact they exist only far off in the past. And relationships, well they hold often hold a lot of old emotions.


In fact, in my work, one of the biggest hurdles I see for clients in building healthy new relationships is letting go of old ones.

Old hurts, fears, longing, and even shame and guilt can keep us stuck in a spiral of reliving old relationships when the present is just full of far healthier and happier ones.


Although not to worry. The powerful pusher that is the Aries ram, is housing Venus the planet of love right now, and Aries does not mess around, especially in matters of the heart. And when it comes to situations that no longer serve us, Aries rarely has time for that. Aries is forward-moving, the leader of the pack and the Zodiac, and it cannot be carrying around the baggage of the past when it has so much business to take care of in the future.

Yet Pisces bringing around thoughts and feelings of old flames is not without its purpose. If there are things still lingering, we want to clear them out to pave way for the future of our love life. So once again we work with the astrology instead of against it, to accomplish our goals.

So, this week we are going to not just allow the emotions to surface, but actually welcome them as they do so. We are going to…

Bring It Up-To Clear It Up

This week we are going to bust out our handy dandy notebooks and write out all the memories, feelings, experiences, and emotions that are bubbling to the surface. Then, we are going to sit with them. Yes, it’s uncomfortable, but sometimes pulling the thorn out is the only way to bring the poison out with it. We can even use that Aries’s sense of bravery to help us face our fears! We are going to sit with the emotion, feel it, explore it and see the lessons and patterns within it. Then last but certainly not least, we are going to let it go and clear it out. Ready? Here we go!


Your Weekly To-Do List:

  • Jot down all the emotions, experiences, memories, etc. that are popping up for you this week.


  • Find a quiet spot to narrow down the emotions of the experiences and memories.


  • Begin to focus on the emotions themselves as opposed to the situation.


  • Sit with those emotions and really feel and explore them. Get to know them.


  • Look through to the heart of the emotion; what is the lesson, are there any patterns there?



  • Thank the emotion for what it has to offer you and what it has shown you.


  • Give it an Aries push out the door and don’t look back! It has served its purpose, time to let it leave.

Pro Tip: When performing this exercise, it can be easy to slip into reliving the specifics of a situation such as “then he said this”, “then he did that”, “then I keyed his car” etc. However, these details are not as important as the emotions driving them, in fact, they can be very distracting to the underlying issues below. So, try not to get so caught up in every word, thought, or deed of the situation, but more on the overarching theme.

Did your ex-boyfriend’s cheating make you feel unworthy of love? Did your ex-wife’s ongoing affair make you feel like you weren’t enough? Did a past relationship make you feel lost, abandoned, betrayed, etc.? Then ask yourself, when else have you felt that way? Could those feelings be part of a pattern in your life?

Remember, emotion=energy in motion. Energy is supposed to move, it doesn’t like to stay stagnant. So, these emotions are desperately trying to escape, all you have to do is let them. Feel them, see what they are trying to show you, learn from it, and then let them go. There is no reason to keep them (or you) hostage in a situation that is no longer happening and I’m willing to bet was painful enough the first time around. So, take that emotion and love it then leave it.

P.S. This can be difficult work, so be gentle with yourself. It is not always easy to face things we have buried deep down, because have buried them for a reason. They are painful. So, take an extra pull from the Aries bravery floating around and recognize you are fighting the good fight. This is hard work, but it is beneficial work. Your best life and love are right on the other side!

Happy star surfing!