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Astrology of Love- Weekly Romance Prediction

Introduce Your Inner Child

February 19- 25

Between all the former month’s Capricorn energy, Saturn’s push, and the full moon in Leo, the past few weeks have felt a little bit like being in a pressure cooker. Yet thankfully, we are fully transitioned into Pisces season, whose dreamy energy can feel like a dip in a cool lake on a hot summer’s day.

Pisces is a water sign, and it holds our dreams, our sense of magic, and our whimsy. It even holds our subconscious. All those passions and pleasures we once held so dear, that perhaps we haven’t seen in a while, yet still exist in the recesses of our minds.

It’s Play Time!

The past few weeks have been all about taking concrete, very grown-up steps in our love lives, this week we get to have a little bit of fun. With the sun and moon in Pisces and Venus the planet of love moving into fiery Aries this week, we get an additional push of pleasure in pursuits and passions. Sounds like a lot of fun! Remember that concept? I know it’s been a while since we felt like we could have any. But one of the most important aspects of a relationship, even the one with ourselves, is fun! It doesn’t all have to be quite so serious.

In fact, relationships thrive on fun, as essentially, they are expressions of our inner child. With Attachment Theory, we learn that we are reflecting our childhood attachment onto our partner. So, we want to make sure our inner child is not only noticed but happy and fulfilled in our relationships. A return to the innocence of youth is what we are aiming for this week. A time of playful romance, flirtatious connection, and lighthearted pursuits of pleasure.

It is Written In Our Stars

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Often, we can feel like in serious commitments our focus has to be on the other person, or the relationship. But we serve the relationship best when we ourselves are happy; when we are being the person we want to be and chasing all of those wonderful dreams in our head. Many times our most passionate childhood pursuits translate(however loosely) into our careers. In childhood we are freed from the expectations and realities of society, so we tend to follow pursuits that feel most natural to us and fill us with joy.

For example, when I was young, I would fill notebook after notebook with stories. Stories of aliens and their colorful, exotic plants, lions, and elephants ruling the African savannah, and twin sisters having wild adventures (I was really into the Olsen twins). You get the idea.

So, it makes perfect sense that in my adult life, I am also a writer who has dozens of Word documents filled with stories, and an astrologer who loves learning about black holes, and faraway planets and their positions. Plus, I even lived in West Africa for six months and got to see the elephants I used to dream and write about, up close.  How the Olsen twins play into my story I haven’t yet discovered (maybe I get to meet them?!) but the point is, our childhood desires are often reflections of our deepest passions. In astrology, we learn so much of what our dream life is about is intrinsic to who we are. It is in our nature, our blood so to speak, and of course, written in our stars.

Explore Your Childhood Pursuits

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So for this week, the mission is incredibly simple and fun. We are going to reconnect to our childhood passions, recreate them and share them with our partners. Or if we are not in a relationship, share them with ourselves, our friends, or even coworkers. I mean who doesn’t love a good work coloring book party, right?

Now some of the things we may have to get a little creative to translate into the adult world. If you were an avid mud pie maker as a child, perhaps sitting in worm-filled dirt no longer appeals to you. Perhaps that translates into making pottery or baking a mud pie cake and filling it with gummy worms. If you loved finger painting, maybe that translates to painting but with a few more brushes than fingers.

Or perhaps you want to recreate the experiences in their purity, no shame in the game. If you want to make some mud in your backyard and plop right down in it, or if you want to go fingers-deep into a pile of paint, then who is stopping you? It could actually be incredibly freeing. I myself, am a Play Dough lover. I can spend hours with that stuff, even current day. I find it incredibly soothing, plus my attention to detail in my creations is almost like a meditation or something. It’s amazing.

Ok, so your turn.

Here is your weekly…

To-Do List:

  • Make a list of all your favorite childhood pursuits.

Example: Playing in the woods, fingerpainting, making up stories, playing in the mud, riding your bike, etc.

  • Find a way to recreate them in the now- Get creative!

Example: making mud pies could = a pottery class

  • Invite Someone In- Include your partner in this dreamy pursuit of childhood whimsy. Or if you are on the dating scene, make one a date! Pottery classes, wine, and painting, a cooking class, etc. there are all kinds of fun and inventive ways to turn these into a bicycle built for two so to speak. Plus it provides a great opportunity to really get to know someone in a non-conventional way.

If you are totally single and plan to stay that way, then you can enjoy these pursuits on your own or invite a friend along! It is an incredibly fun and creative way to get to know someone better and to express your own inner child’s sense of fun and exploration.

Bonus Activity*

While making your list of childhood pursuits, see if you can find a connection to your present-day career. Perhaps you loved to line up your stuffed animals and play teacher and you grew up to be a college professor, or perhaps it’s not such a straight line. Perhaps it is more like me where your notebooks filled with stories of aliens and foreign planets, led you to write a weekly astrology column!

Or even better yet, maybe this list can help you rediscover aspects about yourself you haven’t seen in a while. This exercise is great if you’re going through a slump, planning a career change, or even craving complete reinvention. It can help you reconnect to your purpose and your stars and see which direction your childhood self was pointing you in.  It could be a great opportunity for you to include aspects from your fantasy life into your day-to-day life!

So, this week take all that lovely Pisces past playfulness and translate it into your boring grown-up life. Bill paying and 9-5’s are good and all, but let’s try to bring a sense of fun, freedom, and dreamy, carefree energy back into our lives and loves! Happy star surfing!

P.S. I am dying to know what is on your list! Write to me at bethanynicole.htimes@gmail.com