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Astrology of Love-Weekly Romance Prediction

Look Before You Leap

This week you may be feeling a whole lot of all dressed up with nowhere to go energy. Like the pedal is to the floor but the emergency brake is on. Yikes.

Well, there’s a very simple explanation for that, this week we have Venus in Aries, Jupiter in Aries and Mars in Gemini.

These are very fast paced, get things done signs, so there can be a very rush, rush, rush feeling right now. Unfortunately, we are just beginning to dip our toes into spring, although don’t tell LA that it still thinks it should be rainy, winter yuck. The point being, we may feel a lot of pent-up energy with nowhere for it to go. Mars, the planet of aggression and war, being in Gemini can especially aid in this feeling of lots of intense energy being a bit scattered, kind of all over the place, as Gemini tends to be.

We may have an immense urge to run, to be anywhere, just not here. Yet when we find ourselves running away from something or toward only a vague nothingness, that is when we often find ourselves jumping from the frying pan into the fire. Going from a bad situation, to a worse one. Annoying, I know.

Use Pisces to Help Envision Your Future

One thing we can do during this time, however, is work with the astrology instead of against it. We can take advantage of the sun still being in its Pisces placement and for the first time in a long time, Saturn being in Pisces, to figure out where we want to run to. Pisces is the visionary; it holds our dreams and our subconscious and helps us tap into our innermost desires. From that place, we can start filling in the specifics.

For example, in our relationships, maybe we are feeling a push to steamroll right ahead. “Let’s live together!” “Let’s get married!” “Let’s move to Bali!”

While all of these beautiful ambitions are very worthy of our attention and may even come into fruition, now is the time to take a second to look before you leap. Is your place big enough to hold both of you? Can they pay half the rent? Do they make you feel the way you want a long-term partner to? What is all of this going to look like 10 years down the road? Did you know Bali no longer allows unmarried couples to live together?

All of these fun facts can go into your decision-making process so that when you finally take the brake off, you know where your destination is and how to get there. That way you can begin seeing what plans may need to be put in place before taking these giant leaps.

So while you’re stuck inside this week, take advantage of this time as a planning phase. Envision what you want your life to look like on the other side. Instead of “not rain” how about “lots of sun.” Instead of “not single” how about “with a partner who supports my dreams.” So, in this way we are going to use Pisces intuition to help us “look” (maybe even with our third eye) before we leap. What do we want our lives and loves to look like on the other side of all of this. Instead of “not this” let’s try “how about that.”

So, this week, let’s look at what we do want, instead of focusing on what we don’t want. Let’s focus on where we are running to, instead of where we are running from.

Weekly To Do List:

To Do:

Grab your trusty journal and ask yourself these questions.


  • What big leap/s are you itching to take?


  • What logistics are needed to make it truly successful?


  • What does it look like in the long term? 6 months, 3 years, 10 years?


  • Is that what you want it to look like?


  • What do you want your future to feel like?


  • What can you do right now, that will lead to that future you desire?

With Aries determining the matters of our heart this week, (until Taurus takes over) the energy of the Firestarter can feel a bit reckless. Yet remember, Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac, they know how to get things done, without them nothing would get created, not even the Zodiac! So, use that wild energy wisely. As my fellow Aries mentor says, fire energy can be used to cook a four-course meal, or burn your house down, your choice. So, this week use your time to plan your meal, that way we can you start the fire, you won’t burn your house down. While Aries love to leap before they look, a peak into planning can make their leaps of faith far less dramatic, and generally far more successful.

So, give it a try this week and let us know what you think!

Happy Star Surfing!

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