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Ashton Lubart Basks in the Glow of Working with Hollywood Stars Alex Pettyfer and Mike Vogel in the movie Collection

Ashton Lubart 3 PC Erica Lubart

By Debra Wallace

Los Angeles, CA (The Hollywood Times) 12/16/21While he is only 10 years old, the naturally-gifted Ashton Jagger Lubart has been acting professionally in film, TV, and commercials since he was seven years old; and his career began before toddlerhood.

Ashton Lubart 2 PC Erica Lubart

Ashton, a Delray Beach, Florida native, got his start in the entertainment industry at just five months old when his parents were approached by a talent agency in Miami. He is known for having an intense emotional range and for his professionalism on set.

Since then, he has appeared in worldwide campaigns for companies such as Nautica and H&M, among many others. Ashton has also appeared in numerous commercials — most recently, he voiced a Honda commercial.


Collection is Ashton’s first feature film and colleagues say he is poised for a major future in the film industry. Ashton plays Gio. Collection. Directed by Marianna Palka (Glow) is the story of a grieving father who grapples with the seedy, manipulative world of high-stakes debt collection while struggling to shed the tragedies of his past.

Gio finds himself pitted against his best friend, his prodigy, and his love. Ashton stars alongside Hollywood stars Alex Pettyfer and Mike Vogel and premiered at festivals and was released in mid- 2021on the big screen and VOD. 

Ashton, you are a rising star. What led you to the entertainment business?

I started modeling when I was just four months old. It led to acting, and I really enjoy it! 


You have appeared in worldwide campaigns for companies such as Nautica and H&M, to name a few. Why are you so marketable? 

I think maybe because I’m just like every other little kid. I love making new friends on set and taking each new experience and using it to grow. 


What have you learned along the way?

I have learned that you need a lot of patience in the entertainment industry! It’s a lot of work, but the reward is so much bigger! 


Tell us about your role as Gio in the feature film, Collection

I played the role of Gio. He is the son of the lead played by the amazing Shakira Barrera. Gio has to see a lot of adult-like situations and really has a unique bond with his mom. I loved playing this role. I learned so much from all the other actors on set.  

What did you bring to this role that no other actor could?

Truthfully the warmth he shares with his mom was something I connected with; my mom and I share a very close bond.  

Who would you like to work with in 2022?  

My ultimate dream would be to work with “THE ROCK!” But I’m truly grateful for any and all experiences that come my way! 

What is next for you? 

I have been auditioning for lots of upcoming movies and TV shows! So, hopefully, you will be seeing a lot of me to come.  

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