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Artist Jill Joy Steps Into the Driver's Seat!

jillBy Henry Long

Los Angeles, CA (The Hollywood Times) 10/3/16 – Artists are often dependent on galleries and independent curators to help expose their art to the public. Contemporary artist Jill Joy has chosen to open her own galley and therefore skip the middle person and deliver her art directly to the consumer.

Joy looks at the art business very differently than most. A highly spiritual individual, she believes it is up to each one of us to create the kind of future we choose. She pointed out that the gallery system has been working in the same way for over one hundred and fifty years. “it works for some artists but not all.” Joy’s work focuses on conscious evolvement…finding a specific gallery that will allow her to work within that genre has been a difficult road. “Prior to the Impressionists, artists presented their own work in salons, said Joy. “I want to give the viewing public access to a different contemporary art experience, one that is intimate with the art and the artists who make the work.”

jill2Known for her spiritually charged paintings, Joy continues her evolution of consciousness with her exhibition entitled “Emotion.” The exhibition will feature Joy’s large, impasto paintings from a series with the same name – Emotion. In this series, she addresses her own personal struggle that includes loss, pain, happiness, change, frustration, grief and aspiration.

Working primarily with oil, Joy’s paintings represent the process of converting unconsciousness emotional reaction to consciousness awareness, moving from disturbance to peace. The artist has been working on three series concurrently for over five years – Emotion, Consciousness and Illumination.

One of the works featured in her upcoming exhibition is entitled Not Black & White. Joy explains her inspiration…”Life is not always simple and things are not black and white. There are some things we may never choose to do again and we could consider them ‘mistakes’ but truth is…there were some golden kernels in there with the muck. Often we grow the most from pain and difficult experiences. These experiences, however much we wish we could avoid them, lead us to new heights of understanding and depths of compassion and wisdom.”

“Emotion” opens in conjunction with the grand opening of the Jill Joy Gallery on Saturday, October 8th and will remain on view through October 29th, 2016.

The special event takes place from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. Come, meet the artist Jill Joy. The gallery is located at 456 S. La Brea Avenue, LA, 90036; Visit the website to find out more about the artist and the gallery. http://www.jilljoy.com/

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