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Artist Albina Zorina Needs Your Support for Breast Cancer Awareness Month and is excited to auction off an Angelina Jolie painting 

By Debra Wallace
Los Angeles, CA (The Hollywood Times) 9/29/21 – Well-known Artist, Albina Zorina is known for her sophisticated paintings of Angelina Jolie, Meryl Streep, Kathleen Cleaver, Al Pacino, and other A-listers.
In honor of her mother Vera who had breast cancer at 51-years old and is now a breast cancer survivor, Albina has donated an Angelina Jolie painting to raise funds for a charity dear to her heart, The Tutu Project.
The Tutu Project was founded by Linda Carey, also a breast cancer survivor, and her husband Bob Carey, a photographer. The Tutu Project gives rides to chemo patients and provides badly-needed financial and emotional support to patients. The auction runs from Sept. 30 through Oct. 28, 2021.
The fundraising event on https://fundduel.com/index.php/duel/699 will include the auction of the Angelina Jolie painting as well as other items including records from the Beatles, Prince, and Eminem by local artist Alison Rivera of Ali Cuts Records, feature interviews in global magazines, Spa & Gift Basket, and more,” explains Linda Hansen CEO of Fund Duel.
Linda Hansen explains the power of Fund Duel
“Fund Duel” is a team-based competition and video/photo-based challenges that are shared on social media. The magic comes in chain-reaction sharing that causes a campaign to virtually explode.
Most of the campaigns on Fund Duel expand across the globe and potentially reach hundreds of thousands if not millions of participants.
Fund Duel mobilizes the masses to act, donate and share,” says Linda Hansen, CEO of Fund Duel, which has brought major success to charities with campaigns raising $100,000 plus, (www.fundduel.com.)
Linda Carey of The Tutu Project explains that “2020 and 2021 were challenging years, however, people were generous with their donations. As a result of those donations, we were able to release an immediate15K when the stay at home was enforced to help those patients unable to work during the pandemic. We continue to offer grants throughout the year.”
“This year has been a little slower,” adds Carey, “since our annual fundraiser, Dare Tutu on Sept. 15th which runs for two months. That is why we are excited to join forces with Artist Albina Zorina and her team at Fund Duel to raise funds for October Breast Awareness Month on September 24 on Fun Duel. Please be generous.” 
For additional information please contact Linda Hansen of Fund Duel at linda@fundduel.com.