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Art4Peace Awards Holds it’s 3rd Annual Ceremony at Saban

Dignitaries attend the Art4Peace Awards Sunday Night at the Saban.

By: Valerie Milano and Audrey Rock 

Beverly Hills, CA (The Hollywood Times) 11/2/2018 —


Sunday’s Art4Peace Awards black-tie gala on Sunday could be described as not exactly peaceful.  A crush of would- be attendees lined up outside the Saban on Wilshire around 4 PM.  By 5:30, although the lobby and VIP reception had filled nearly to capacity, there still seemed to be just as many tuxedo and evening-gown-clad invitees desperately attempting to get past an aggressive security presence, with no discernible plan in place to make them feel like welcome guests.

It was a somewhat chaotic attempt to represent an initiative built around peace, with a jammed red carpet planned by 11 organizers, dinners and products for sale, vendors onhand, a silent auction, music and dancing, and lavish fashions.

Hollywood Times Senior editor visits with A.T. King Nat Jr. on the red carpet.

“In one arena, we come together,” states the organization’s press release. “ART is the catalyst for PEACE. When we unite in music, art, theater, dance, martial arts, sports and fashion, we share one space, one heart. In the moments of sharing, our universe transforms into the beautiful space of our dreams. ARTS 4 PEACE AWARDS honors the heroes among us.”

They definitely accomplished pulling together all that and more in one arena, to honor the heroes of the movement for peace in Los Angeles.  The self-described “global peace movement” appeared to be full of diplomats, social justice warriors, journalists, and ticketed guests eager to be part of a night of celebration, pride and achievement for those within the entertainment industry who “strive to utilize their work and performances as a catalyst for social change.”  It was the third such event of its kind in as many years.

Silent auction items at Art4Peace

Honorees were recognized in the categories of Fine Arts, Culinary Arts, Martial Arts, Dance, Music, Cinematic Arts, and Beauty and Fashion.  Lifetime Achievement Awards were given as well, and the ceremony included the crowning of an “Arts for Peace Princess” and an “Arts for Peace” Queen.

“Peace Leaders” for the organization headed by Dame Munni Irone include Rebecca Holden, Guishan Grover, Joel Diamond, Cao Young, Jackie Goldberg, Alston Koch, Bobbie Chance, Bruno Mazali, Joel Wallach, Laura Booker, Randy Malone, Karen Hoyos, and Princess Fumi.  Among the distinguished guests for the night were Honorary Consulate of the Ivory Coast A.T. King Nat Jr, who graciously posed for photos before heading into the VIP lounge.


Dame Munni Irone, who founded Art4Peace, owned, taught, and operated a beauty school that offered free tutoring. As a global peace leader, she served on the board of directors of the Los Angeles United Nations chapter. With Dr. Hong from Era of Conscience, she created a community built on concepts of peace and love, and is working with him to expand and build upon this model.

Senior Editor Valerie Milano appears on the red carpet with dignitaries

It’s a great cause and a large event; one that still has organizational kinks to iron out.  But Art4Peace is clearly a growing, and a popular, cause, propelled by love for art and passion for social justice.


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