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Art and Anarchy in the USA – Artists Buck the System and Create on Fire Show Without a Gallery

FUCK THE SYSTEM SHOW Painting by Luke Saenz. Photo courtesy Cynthia Underwood

By: Cynthia Underwood

Los Angeles, CA (The Hollywood Times) 3/25/2019)

Saturday March 23rd a group of six entrepreneurial artists held a radical show of their art. Fed up with the system they created a modern day “happening” at the home of Terri Lloyd.

Terri Lloyd & Luke Showing the Love (Photo Cynthia Underwood)

This group of artists are indeed taking the reigns in their own hands and getting their work shown without waiting for the establishment to find them. It’s a well-known fact that galleries only show a few artists a year. FUCK THE SYSTEM is a clear example of great artists doing their thing.

Cynthia Underwood’s work with artist Jorge Bernal looking on. Courtesy Cynthia Underwood

This was high energy event full of art, fashion and delicious food.

Did you miss it? Well, you snooze, you lose. Come to next one June 22.


Los Angeles artists Theo Svenningsen and Emily Halpern at the show



Cynthia Underwood writes for The Hollywood Times, paint and loves to go to lesbian events.