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The Palm Springs Transgender Health & Wellness Center

By Valerie Milano

Palm Springs, CA (The Hollywood Times) 11/19/22 – The Palm Springs Transgender Health & Wellness Center is handing out a first of its kind award to legendary members of Hollywood’s Arquette family. In an official letter addressed to David, Patricia, Richmond, and Rosanna Arquette, the venerable organization announced that it is “honored” to award them with the inaugural Stonewall Humanitarian Award during the week that Transgender Day of Remembrance falls. It will also align with the Transgender Health and Wellness Equality Garden Party, which is set for November 19th in the upscale desert community.

“Your family has been an inspiration to the Transgender community from the moment you rallied around Alexis as she transitioned,” the letter read, referencing The Wedding Singer star who died in 2016. “Most of us had not experienced the warm embrace of our family as we became our authentic selves.  To see the Arquette siblings embrace Alexis not only modeled the way for  our own family members, but gave many of us hope that unconditional love and acceptance from family is possible.”

The release went on to note that the Transgender community have become a “political target.” So now, they added, there is “no better time to remind those in our community and those connected to us of the love, compassion, and acceptance that is possible.”

David Arquette, Scream franchise star and former husband of Courteney Cox, told PEOPLE Magazine in the past that she taught how to “be real and to be honest.”

“It’s all about living our authentic lives and your advocacy by acceptance of this award will continue to help us do that every day!” the press release states. TH&WC aims to “positively address” the systemic barriers that so often become unnecessary challenges for members of the Transgender community.

The organization is now providing cost-free mental health services toward LGBTQ+ children who face formidable challenges between school settings, family issues, and setbacks from the coronavirus pandemic. In this way, they are addressing head on the heartbreaking issues that can result in “well documented harm” including “incidents of suicide.”

They also notably provide social services, Emergency Housing Assistance to LGBTQ+ children and their safe parents, and Housing Assistance for those in forced sexual experiences against their will to get out. The organization claims they’ve helped 3,027 community members between 2018 and 2021 alone.

“Thank you so much for your love and support of the Transgender community over the years and allowing us to be our true authentic selves,” founder and CEO Thomi Clinton wrote in the letter. “We are truly excited to honor you as we honor and remember those who have lost their lives to violence.

By accepting this award, you will help shine a spotlight on these terrible, hateful tragedies and help continue our mission of educating others and normalizing Transgender Equity and Equality.”

The Garden Party will take place on November 19. The Hollywood Times will be there to cover the event, look for coverage.