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Apple TV+ Upcoming Lineup of Series and Films

By: T. Felder

Los Angeles, CA (The Hollywood Times) 6/1/23 – Are you looking for new and exciting series and movies to stream? Apple TV+ will be adding new titles to its platforms, showcasing some of the industry’s most innovative storytellers. As its catalogue rapidly expands, subscribers can expect to find a variety of original high-profile movies and shows. Here’s a list of what’s to come starting this month.


Starring Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne. This show centers around two old friends who reconnect after years apart and the complex emotions that arise between them. The storyline is intriguing, and I’m sure viewers can’t wait to see how the creators bring it to life on screen. The first episode premiered May 24th and the next episode is set to air on June 7th

“The Crowded Room”

This psychological thriller is based on a true story chronicling the life of Billy Milligan, a man with multiple personalities who becomes the first person to be acquitted of a crime due to his mental illness. This show promises to be a gripping watch and is set to premiere June 9th


Season two of this series will be premiering June 23rd. The first season was a fan favorite, I’m eager to see where the story goes next. Inspired by NBA superstar Kevin Durant’s personal experiences, the series follows the journey of young basketball players navigating the world of amateur basketball, while dealing with coaches, family, and everyday life.


Idris Elba stars in a thrilling show that revolves around a hijacked plane traveling from Dubai to London. Corporate negotiator Sam Nelson must work together with the passengers to fight for survival. I look forward to seeing how the writers build suspense and tension throughout the storyline. The first episode premieres June 28th.

“The Afterparty”

Season two of The Afterparty is also one to watch out for. The first season was a hilarious and entertaining watch, and I’m excited to see how the second season builds upon the story. It stars Tiffany Haddish, Dave Franco, Ike Barinholtz and follows a group of friends attending a high school reunion, but things take a wild turn when a murder occurs. Season 2 will air July 12th.


Returning for a second season Isaac Asimov’s award-winning stories keep viewers wanting more. This adaptation recounts a group of exiles that team up together to rebuild civilization amid the fall of the Galactic Empire. Transcending through space and time they are faced with many dilemmas that will need to be overcome. The fate of humanity is in their hands.

In addition to the series, there’s also “Stephen Curry: Underrated” which explores the life of one of basketball’s most dynamic players, while “The Beanie Bubble” delves into the world of beanie babies and the people who created them.

Overall, I’m sure viewers are eagerly anticipating all of these upcoming releases on Apple TV+. With such a diverse range of genres and stories, there’s something for everyone to enjoy