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Anne DeSantis: Actress and Host of “The Positive Side on RVNTV” Spreading Goodness and Positivity

By Jules Lavallee

Los Angeles, CA (The Hollywood Times) 01/29/2020 –

Tell about your career as an Actress. When did you discover the love for the craft? 

I had been a stay-at-home home-schooling mother for 20 years. I was a teacher by trade, but in 2014 at the age of 49, my mother had received a suggestion for me from a photographer friend that I would make a good 40+ model. 

It wasn’t anything I had thought about previously to become a model/actress. I went through training with an agency and little by little started to get work in the field.  

I really like working as a model/actress but the most important aspect of my life is my faith so I’m very particular about what I accept as work. I love to bring goodness to others through the work I do. This is what is most important to me in working in the field.

Share your background. 

My primary profession is a Director for a non-profit where we help those affected by divorce, the foundation is called the St. Raymond Nonnatus Foundation. It is a Catholic foundation headquartered in Philadelphia. I do my best to balance my primary profession with my role as a TV host for”The Positive Side on RVNTV” which is an on-line TV show displaying the good work others are doing.  

I have Interviewed non-profits, businesses, actors, models, artists, and people of faith on the show. The primary mission is to bring “the good things people are doing” making our world a warmer and better place to live.

Although I am an “Actress”, what I enjoy most and wish to continue is working as a TV host and interviewing people. I love it! I find it challenging to do my homework and learn as much as I can about people and the great work they’re doing, but the challenge is what I like most. 

The best part of all is meeting the most amazing people. I am so grateful to all of my guests for being a part of the mission of “The Positive Side on RVNTV”.

When was your first break? 

Honestly, my first big “break” came when I met a gentleman named Bob Charger a legendary broadcaster in the Philadelphia area for 50 years. He invited me on a show called “The Morning Coffee on RVNTV” and it led to my getting my own show! I am so grateful to be a part of the RVNTV team!

What would a Director notice first about you? 

I pride myself on the fact that I have turned down more opportunities than I have accepted in the acting world. The reason for this is that I only take jobs in the business that do not conflict with my beliefs.

I am a wife/mom and a woman of faith, so I will not take jobs against my beliefs or standards.

You are a Host for a successful on-life TV Show, “The Positive Side on RVNTV.” Who is on your show? 

“The Positive Side on RVNTV” is a show all about goodness and positivity. I have hosted many wonderful non-profits, people in business, actors, models, artists, and generally people who want to make the world a better place. I have also interviewed countless people of faith with beautiful stories of courage and love to share with the world.

Please check out my Facebook site for “The Positive Side on RVNTV” to learn more or “Anne DeSantis” YouTube channel. There is also a YouTube channel for “The Positive Side”.

I invite anyone reading this if you or someone you know has a great story to tell, email me at annedesantis2022@gmail.com. I would love to hear more.

Why do you think people love “The Positive Side on RVNTV?”

People love the fact that the show highlights the great things people are doing to help others and spread good messages. The legacy of who we are as human beings means so much to the world and more importantly to God.  

A big part of “the positive side” to me is faith. Believing in the existence of God and how much he loves all of us!

Share your goals for your show in 2020. 

My goals for the show for 2020 are God’s goals. My life is all about doing what God tells me to do and nothing more. So if the Lord wills this show to become more popular, then it will happen. I am his servant to bring goodness to others.

Do you have any additional thoughts? 

My additional thoughts are this. God loves YOU and your LIFE has great meaning. It doesn’t matter what your past has been. God can take your life and turn it around to help to make the world a better place. Be open to God and God will do the rest. You are loved and valued for who you are. THAT is the heart of “the positive side”! Take a walk with me on the positive side and walk it with faith.







Check out Anne DeSantis (@AnneDeSantis2): https://twitter.com/AnneDeSantis2?s=09

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