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And the Lesbians Go Wild at OutFest’s Bring Your Gal Valentine’s Day Party.

Jason Benedict Roundy

Art, Art and More Art!

By: Cynthia Underwood


Photos by Cynthia Underwood

West Hollywood, CA (The Hollywood Times) 2/15/19 – “(I’m) Guilty of Love, so I’m writing my own pages”, sang The Voice’s Stephanie Rice with undeniable emotion at the party exclusively for lesbians held at West Hollywood’s fantastic Doheny Room. Rice’s personal story in her song brought tears to our eyes as she related her experiences coming out of the closet to her parents at 18 and subsequently getting kicked out. She did indeed write her own pages, as she sings in her song. I am so proud to call Stephanie one of ours in the lesbian community. What a go-getter! Her website is

Rice with Art

The photo that I snapped shown below of Rice is particularly interesting given the art piece behind her in The Doheny Room is a woman slip-sliding her way into Rice’s world. Go Rice! Go lesbians!


The event was full of art all the way from the Stephanie Rice concert to the super funny and knock-your-socks-off-beautiful Bridget McManus who helped host this one-of-a-kind party.

Bridget McManus
Neon Skull



In addition to Rice and McManus, the venue itself is tastefully done with kicks of edgy art like this neon skull:

The group of lesbians was also really fun and very artsy. For example, the ever intriguing leather artist Nik Kacy added an artsy spark to the night. 


Restaurant Manager, Jason Benedict Roundy was charming, as always, and here he is with his attentive bartenders creating artsy drinks. 



Some lesbians were artfully awesome, like Vonyse Reeder: 


This art-filled evening was full of old friends uniting, new friends forming, lots of laughs and many, many flirtations happening. This was one of my favorite nights ever.

Janette and Casper


As people walked out of this beautiful venue and night filled with so many opportunities to meet the Valentine of our dreams, we see and we know:

Neon fucking amazing


The Los Angeles lesbian world is just simply fantastic. Come be a part of our fun crowd. All ages, please!

Here are two lesbians practicing the art of eating chips:

Eating chips


On any given day, you can find me, Cynthia Underwood, writing for The Hollywood Times or painting in my studio with my big orange cat, Stewie, who is a celebrated art expert. I’ve worked on over 6,000 Design Patents in my career as a Design Patent Examiner with the US Patent and Trademark Office. This is one of my watercolor of Downtown LA:

DTLA watercolor underwood