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AltaMed Food & Wine Festival – East LA Meets Napa!

By Judy Shields

Photos: The Hollywood Times (Sterling)

Chef Pablo Kim booth

Los Angeles, California (The Hollywood Times) 7/31/2019 – “You have to give the world what they want and that way they will continue to keep coming.” Chef Pablo Kim of Asado & Chimi Argentine BBG told The Hollywood Times at the AltaMed Wine & Food Festival at LA Live.

This year, AltaMed Food and Wine Festival is proud to celebrate the rich history and flavors of Argentina at East LA Meets Napa! Argentina is the largest wine producer in South America and the fifth largest in the world, best known for its versions of classic red wines including Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah. Argentine wines are considered New World wines, but actually have a rich history dating back more than 400 years.

Last Friday, at L.A. Live, in the heart of downtown Los Angeles, East LA Meets Napa took us on a journey to the vineyards of the famed Napa Valley, where the quality of the wine reflects the deep roots of the many family vintners. Over 50 top LA chefs, restaurateurs, award winning Napa wine-producers and premium spirit distributors serve generous tastings while patrons enjoy live music throughout the evening. Now in its fourteenth year, East LA Meets Napa has become AltaMed’s premier fundraising event!

AltaMed Food & Wine festival Attendees

The event took place in the quad area of Microsoft Theater and spilled into the street between the theater and The Staples Center.

Make sure you put this down on your radar for 2020, because it is totally worth the time and money to come out and enjoy two days of food and wine in down LA and Orange County.

AltaMed wine glass and plate booth with many volunteers

By supporting the AltaMed Food and Wine Festival, you are supporting our mission to increase access to comprehensive health and human services, further cementing our 50-year commitment to providing Quality Care Without Exception in Los Angeles and Orange counties.

AltaMed food and wine festival attendees

The event was everything it was meant to be.  Amazing food prepared by talented chefs.  The wine was delicious, red or white, many wine makers, sellers and wine pourers.  The wine booths were there to share their unique stories of how the wine gets into the bottles and in our hands to end up in our mouth!  Delicious wines for sure.

The Hollywood Times had an amazing time and spoke with several chefs and wine makers.

Russell Shinn, Broad MArket Sales Rep Riboli Family Winery

Russell Shinn (Broad Market Sales Representative for Riboli Family Wine & Spirits)

Russel told The Hollywood Times that Uncle Santo had a depot and he made wine for the churches and his nephew who was born in America, Stefano, who just passed away last week at 97 years old. He lived in Italy until he was 9 years old and came back to America and started making wine a met an Italian woman named Maddalena, who lived in Ontario, CA and her family was growing grapes and they met and were married.

Uncle Santo, Stefano, and Maddalena Riboli (Photos courtesy of San Antonio Winery)

San Antonio Winey was named San Antonio after their church in Italy, named St. Anthony, it’s not named after San Antonio Texas.

San Antonio Winery wine bottles

San Antonio Winery is the only winery in Los Angeles Russel told us. He showed us the different wines from their different wineries around California. Wine from Italy, that the family owns there and several wineries from around California. Stella Rosa is their registered name.

Our vineyards are now located in Paso Robles, Monterey and Napa Valley and we are proud to be one of the most awarded wineries in California. We invite you to become part of our family by visiting San Antonio Winery.

San Antonio Winery booth

We were offered a tasting of their Sauvignon, it was delicious.

Chef Pablo Kim of Asado & Chimi






The Hollywood Times caught up with Chef Pablo Kim of Asado & Chimi Argentine BBQ in Brea

THT: Tell us about the food here at your booth.

Pablo Kim: This a full rack of beef, like the way we do it in Argentina. Those racks take a long time to cook.

THT: what was the first thing you made as a child?

Pablo Kim: Sandwiches. It depends on my mood. I like almond butter now and make that type of sandwich.

THT: Do you have a restaurant?

Pablo Kim: I do not have a restaurant, but that is something that I have been entertaining. Just catering and pops.

THT: Tell us what a pop up is.

Pablo Kim: Pop ups are when I take over a one location for one day. I prepare a full meal and people are invited to attend. We set up everything from the beginning to the end and we control the experience and try to keep everything Argentine. I do try to do something interesting, so that my repeat customers have something different to try each time.

THT: Are your pop us sit down or stand up meals?

Pablo Kim: my pop ups are sit down experiences and I have been experimenting with difference formats to be sure. I am still trying to figure that out and it is always different.

Chef Rocio Camacho of Rocios Mexican Kitchen – la Diosa De los Moles

Chef Rocio Caamacho was on hand to proudly serve her famous red and green mole sauce, it was amazing!

Look at this delicious and beautifully presented dish of her famous mole sauce.

Chef Rocio Camacho of Rocios Mexican Kitchen mole


If you find yourself in Bell Gardens or Paramount area, please stop by and try her mole sauce, le Diosa De los Moles (562) 659-7800


Chef Jonathan Perez of Macheen
Chef Jonathan Perez of Macheen

Chef Jonathan Perez of Macheen was busy preparing dishes for the guest who were making their way towards his booth during the AltaMed Food & Wine Festival.


Chef Jonathan Perez of Macheen booth







Don Chente Bar & Grill Booth
Don Chente Bar & Grill Booth with beautiful food presentation




Sweet Flour Cake Design Sweet Cookies
Sweet Flour Cake in a Cup


AltaMed Food and Wine Festival entertainment Jose Rizo Mongorama
Tequilla Company
Dinastia Real Tequilla Company






Here is a list of sponsors for the AltaMed Wine and Food Festival

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