Los Angeles, California- In time for the 21st anniversary of the Death of Rap Legend Tupac Shakur, Susan Constantine, MPsy, the world’s leading authority on deception detection, just may have taken the 21-Year-Old unsolved investigation to a new level, calling new interviews with alleged Shakur killing conspirators Danny “White Boy” Patton, a member of the notorious “Blood” gang, and his brother Malcolm Patton, “deceptive.” 

“I think he’s covering (up) something with his brother Malcolm…I think that Danny is withholding information. He’s not telling us the whole truth.”

Speaking Malcolm Patton, she said “While he’s listening to him ask the question about ‘did you have any part in dictating this letter?’ he’s shaking his head ‘yes’…in some sort of way he was involved in this.”

Susan Constantine has, for the past decade, been a go-to source for media outlets analyzing the body language of public figures. She has appeared in more than 1,000 national and international television programs, print publications, and radio programs and is a Prime-Time Contributor and analyst on CNN, Dateline, Nightline, Fox News, Dr. Drew, Hannity, Inside Edition, Good Morning America, The Today Show and others.

Constantine was retained by producers of the controversial March 2017 release “Tupac Assassination: Battle for Compton” (MVD Entertainment) to evaluate the Pattons’ on-camera denials of allegations that stem from an alleged “confession letter” publicly revealed in “Compton.” The 1998 letter, alleged to be the Pattons’ confession to the 1996 homicide, was reportedly dictated by Pattons to a scribe, and the letter given to veteran Fox-11 reporter Chris Blatchford. When law enforcement showed little interest, Blatchford held the letter for further investigation.

In 2014 Blatchford passed the Patton letter to former LAPD Detective Russell Poole and 2007’s “Tupac Assassination” director RJ Bond, as they were re-investigating leads for an upcoming book. Danny Patton’s name goes all the way back to a 1996 Compton Police report tying Patton to events surrounding Shakur’s death. 

After Poole and Bond took the Patton letter to the LAPD (and leaked by the LAPD within weeks) another former LAPD detective, Greg Kading, who refutes the validity of the Patton’s involvement, interviewed the Pattons on camera, in an attempt to debunk the allegations in “Compton.”

This is a copy of the first page of the Patton Letter. Grammar is poor, but information is good. 

Constantine’s assessment of the interviews stunned “Compton” producers. She identified repeated and consistent body language “leaks” from the Pattons that are common deception indicators.

“He’s got to expel the energy somewhere and that’s how he’s expelling the energy” Constantine stated.

According to Constantine, Pattons showed signs of deception when they responded in denial to the questions:

  • “Were you even in Las Vegas the night Tupac was shot?”,
  • “Was there any discussion whatsoever of the Murder of Tupac Shakur?”,
  • “Was there any truth to that? (the allegations in the letter)”

Constantine also believed Patton to be deceptive asked about claims that he conspired “with all these individuals” to the Shakur Killing as alleged in the Confession Letter.

“I don’t go by gut. I go by indicators,” said Ms. Constantine, speaking of standard deception detection practices she has taught to many international law enforcement and intelligence agencies, including the Department of Defense’s Office of the Inspector General.

“This needs to be followed up on by law enforcement”, said RJ Bond, “Tupac Assassination” series director.

“This is the first real break in the case in years, and why would this be passed over? What if the Pattons are lying?

“No one has been able to prove any part of the Confession Letter false, though many look to the claim that Snoop Dogg Cousin ‘Lil Half dead’ wrote the well-known Tupac hit ‘Brenda’s Got a Baby’ to be falsely stated as fact. It’s not a fact; it’s what these people believed to be true or were told at the time.

“Now that there is an expert witness willing to put her professional reputation on the line to possibly expose deception by the Pattons, what is the harm in pursuing this line of questioning further? She goes to Court and the Court accepts her testimony as an expert! How can that be ignored?”

The entire Constantine evaluation of the Patton interviews (and the explanation of the letter) can be found online at:

Primary: http://youtube.com/watch?v=nX9KeatGl4M

Backup:  http://youtube.com/watch?v=rR5tKvktn7k

Backup: http://youtube.com/watch?v=2ln4hmDn8dY

“Tupac Assassination: Battle for Compton” is now available on Amazon on Demand, DVD and Blu Ray. 

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