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Alexandra Galindez, CEO of ROAR Beverages – The one-stop hydration and wellness solution

By Jules Lavallee 

Los Angeles, California (The Hollywood Times) 4/13/2021 – CEO of ROAR Beverages, Alexandra Galindez is an industry veteran and woman of color.

ROAR Beverages offers delicious, low calorie, low sugar, hydration with electrolytes. Now, Alexandra has rebranded the company and offers consumers the “whole package” by providing the essential vitamins and nutrients they needed to reach their goals. “I led our team in reformulating our beverages to ensure we delivered on our brand promise of “Complete Hydration.” Our new ROAR formulas will still be gluten-free, vegan, and keto-friendly, but they now offer 100% daily value of energy vitamins B5, B6, and B12; 100% daily value of antioxidant vitamins A, C, and E; and of course, electrolytes from coconut water. While ROAR has always been the perfect complement to a busy lifestyle, it’s now a one-stop hydration and wellness solution.

You’ve had a hugely successful career as a brand builder with 20 years of experience with start-ups and developing brands. Share your background. 

That’s right! I started my career at Red Bull, which at the time was carving out a niche for itself in the beverage aisle that we now refer to as the energy drink category. During my time at Red Bull, we took the brand from a first-of-it-kind product to a household name and consumers’ go-to selection for an energy boost. After Red Bull, I joined the launch team at VitaminWater and SmartWater, two more beverage lines that would go on to become household names and create a new beverage category of their own – enhanced water. Working on these beverage brands not only allowed me to build my marketing expertise in the beverage category but also helped me realize what it took to build a beverage brand with long-lasting potential. It’s not about “quick wins” when you’re building a brand; instead, it’s about following a disciplined Go-To-Market strategy that allows you to go “deep versus broad.” I’ve seen a lot of beverage brands scale too quickly and end up in financial distress because the approach was short-term and opportunistic versus thoughtful and strategic.

Tell us about ROAR Beverages. What excites you the most? 

ROAR is an incredible product and one I think speaks to a new wave of consumers looking to support their wellness without sacrificing quality or taste. But what excites me most about ROAR is that it’s a brand with a vision. We have a clear mission to empower a multi-faceted consumer by providing clean, hard-working beverages that make wellness convenient and effortless and this vision guides everything we do, from product development to marketing. We want to create true consumer loyalty by being honest and transparent with our consumers and by creating a product that supports them in their journeys to become their whole and complete selves. Not every brand can say that about their approach, and I think that’s what really sets ROAR apart.

You just rebranded the ROAR Line. What are the great benefits that we can find in ROAR Beverages? 

After our rebrand, ROAR delivers more than just a hydration solution; it’s an entire wellness routine in a single bottle. Each bottle of ROAR provides 100% of your daily dose of essential energy-supporting B vitamins, 100% of your daily value of Vitamin A, C, and E antioxidants, and all the electrolytes you need to stay refreshed and rejuvenated. What’s more, it is USDA-certified organic, and with a clean label and only 20 calories per bottle, it fits in a variety of diets, including keto, low-sugar, gluten-free, vegan, and more. All of these aspects of ROAR are important for our mission to deliver effortless and effective wellness options to our consumers, but I find what excites consumers most is that on top of all these benefits, ROAR actually tastes delicious too. Like many of our consumers, I find myself sipping ROAR throughout the day as a refreshing treat, enjoying the taste of the beverage as much as I enjoy the benefits.

People are looking for easy and accessible ways to complement their wellness routines and be proactive with their health. Why is ROAR the refreshing choice?

I like to think that ROAR speaks to two very different types of consumers who have distinct approaches to picking out their beverages of choice. The first is a shopper who is looking for refreshment. For this consumer, their first interaction with the product would probably be ROAR’s new, stylish look and, after a quick trip to check out, a sip of the product itself. This consumer is looking for taste and function, and thanks to ROAR’s great, low-calorie coconut water-based flavor and its infusion of electrolytes, they’ll find that first sip both tasty and refreshing. From there, they might check out the other benefits listed on the label and realize some of the other aspects that make ROAR so special. The second type of consumer approaches the bottle label first. These consumers read and compare ROAR with everything else in the beverage aisle, and after noting ROAR’s unique benefits like its vitamin and antioxidant support, organic certification or low calorie count, they’ll pick up a bottle of ROAR to enjoy. These consumers will fall in love with ROAR’s taste and become ROAR converts after they realize that ROAR doesn’t have much competition in terms of both benefits and flavor.

What are your top-sellers? 

This is a tough question because one of the most interesting things about our ready-to-drink flavors is that in terms of sales, they are neck-and-neck. Right now, our top two flavors are our tangy Mango Clementine and our crisp Cucumber Watermelon, but anecdotally, I’ve heard a lot of love for our juicy Georgia Peach and rich Blueberry Acai varieties as well.

We noticed your powder sticks with cool messaging including, ROAR Cucumber Watermelon-Hustle Harder and Mango Clementine-Stay Hungry, Not Thirsty. Is that part of the current rebrand and who uses powder versus the bottles? 

Right now, we’ve just launched a new rebrand of our ready-to-drink ROAR, which comes in bottles, but you’re one step ahead of us: a similar rebrand will be coming to our ROAR powder sticks in the coming months. Our ROAR rebrand brings our packaging in line with our messaging around the product, emphasizing both its wellness benefits as a product and its place as a stylish wellness “companion” that our consumers can take along with them on their activities for the day. Our powder sticks also have a special place in our consumers’ hearts and routines, and we aim to give them a similar update soon. Right now, we see a lot of consumers who use reusable water bottles gravitate toward these products thanks to their convenient travel size and their similar benefits to our Ready-to-Drink ROAR bottles.

Where can we find ROAR? 

ROAR is currently sold at Sprouts, Natural Grocers Vitamin Cottage, Bristol Farms, Gelson’s, Mother’s Market, Safeway / Albertson’s, and 7-11. You can also find our products by the case on Amazon or on our website ROAROrganic.com.

Any plans to expand your brand in 2021? 

This year we’re excited to expand our brand within natural grocery stores such Sprouts, Natural Grocers, The Fresh Market and now the mid-Atlantic region of Whole Foods Market. As we continue to work to make wellness more effortless and accessible, we hope this expansion will lead to more consumers bringing ROAR along with them on their wellness journeys.

Please provide your social media links.

You can keep up with ROAR on Facebook & Instagram at @roarorganic. We want to hear from you about how you include ROAR in your routine throughout the day.

Website: https://roarorganic.com/