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Actress, Writer and Producer, Eve Austin’s dramedy, “Lola Does Manhattan” 

Eve Austin

By Jules Lavallee 

Los Angeles, CA (The Hollywood Times) 11/17//19 – Actress, Writer, and Producer, Eve Austin while her look is upscale, she plays downtrodden characters like prostitutes, drug addicts, and alcoholics. The breadth of her craft is evident in her upcoming films. In WEIGHT Austin plays Gloria the EA (eaters anonymous) Counselor. DRIP a Black Comedy about white privilege written and directed by Jillian Cantwell, Austin plays the role of a crazy bodega lady- entirely in Spanish. DRIP has won the Lighthouse International Film Festival 2019. She is the writer for the dramedy, Lola Does Manhattan. When a worldly, yet naive, fun-loving empty nester (50’s) leaves her marriage and moves to Manhattan, she unwittingly begins the most important journey of her life- finding herself- and meeting her inner self in human form.


When did your career begin? When was your first big break? 

Eve Austin: Dreams of being an Actress began for me between 5-10 years old. At the time we were living in Chile, then Mexico. My parents were holocaust survivors from Vienna, trying to emigrate to America. Becoming an Actor was discouraged at home. It promised no financial security, so I was encouraged to become an Art Teacher. I followed orders and have a BFA. Before this industry, I was an Advertising Director at Diane Von Furstenberg (in her first incarnation) and worked in the Ad Agency business for 10 years.

Eve Austin in Three for the Road

It took me until I was married with small children at home to take the steps of training and entering into this industry and that was many years ago. 

How are you inspiring others through film? 

Eve Austin: As a Producer, I choose stories that are enlightening as well as entertaining. Triumph over adversity is my favorite subject area. As an actor, I try to highlight the humanity in my characters so audiences will recognize and understand themselves better.

Tell us about your new feature, American Fango, Directed by Gabriele Altobelli and Produced by Charles Randolph. 

Eve Austin, Brando Boniver (waiter-lead) and Artie Pasquale in American Fango

Eve Austin: American Fango is a feature currently on Amazon. It was shot three years ago by Director Gabriele Altobelli, whose mentor is John Gallagher. It stars Brando Boniver, Samantha Scafidi, Emily Jackson, Deborah Twiss, Joseph D’Onofrio, Maggie Wagner and Victor Colicchio. What I loved most about the role was working with fantastic Actors and having former Soprano’s Artie Pasquale as an acting partner, getting to do some improv and having a supportive relaxed set. The crew was mainly Italian and a dream to work with. Gabriele is a wonderful intuitive director. 

American Fango explores the challenges that result from being in a relationship based on a false reality. It begins in Rome, where Francesco, an actor with a promising future, finds his life’s aspirations and dignity robbed from him after deciding to accompany his girlfriend, Christine, (Emily Jackson) who is also an Actress, on her move back home to Los Angeles. Once they arrive, all seems well as he rides in a red convertible along the Pacific Coast Highway to her beach house. When Christine abruptly tells Francesco that she has accepted a film role overseas, she also tells him that he cannot remain in the house while she’s away. Francesco, while skeptical, initially accepts her explanation, but learns shortly after from a friend of Christine’s that he’s been deceived. 


What surprised you about the film?

Eve Austin: That the film was such a charmer. Romantic, sad, tender, hopeful. It was selected as one of the top seven Italian films on Amazon in 20019.


Can you share a moment on set? 

Eve Austin: There was so much joy on this set. Everyone on board and hands-on and professional from the producer Charles Randolph to the Actors and the crew. Tremendous collaborative spirit. I also got to work with many actors that were on the Sopranos. We laughed, we cried and we bonded.

What makes you good at your craft? Can you offer advice for upcoming Actors? 

Eve Austin: Focus and relaxation are key. Knowing my place in the story. Using my knowledge and life experience to flesh out the characters I play. Being present and in the moment no matter what that moment is. Advice for upcoming Actors; becoming an Artist is an ongoing journey. The journey is its reward. We need to have patience and self-belief/love in what we have chosen to pursue as a career. Treat every audition as an opportunity to share your talent with others. It’s not about getting the job, it’s about finding new people to collaborate, create and work together. We are a wonderful community of like-minded people that ideally support each other and try to make the world a better place. There is no beginning or end to a career in the arts.  

What have you learned recently that you wish you had known a long time ago? 

Eve Austin: Fear is the only enemy we can all surpass this. I am good enough. Life constantly changes, embracing the change accepting it and growing through it is the ultimate gift. Dreams come true if you believe in them. -Live, love, believe.

What is unique about the film, Subject A Male? Why did you decide to take this role? 

Eve Austin: I have wanted to work with director/producer/actor Stefano Da Fre’ for the last 4 years. He and Laura Pellegrini create films dealing with important subjects-in the most beautiful way. They have won many film Festivals all over the world. Their films encompass a wide variety of subjects. Stefano and Laura are co-directing (with Stefano starring as Daniel.) I play his mother Ruth Wyman. The film is a psychological drama feature. 

Eve Austin Boxing


What would people be surprised to know about you?

Eve Austin: That I immigrated to the US at 10-years old speaking only German and Spanish. I strongly believe in family values helping the oppressed and the ones in need. I want to help make the world a better place through my art.

Tell us about Flight of the Kiwi. What will the audience learn from this film?

Eve Austin: Flight of the Kiwi is about a mother/adult daughter relationship. Interesting in that much of what is not said aloud is the fabric of the film. Most of it is in the behavior of the characters. Filmmaker Sarah Nocquet has written a beautifully crafted piece that all audiences can relate to. 

What roles do you most enjoy playing?  

Eve Austin: I love roles that are challenging to play. I like to play against type- While my look is upscale and I love the roles I get to play in this manner, I love to play downtrodden characters as well. Prostitutes, drug addicts, alcoholics. I also love when a character is not what they originally seem to be and surprise you. An arc where the character changes and grows through adversity may be my favorite role to chew on.

In the film, WEIGHT you play Gloria the EA (eaters anonymous) counselor tell us about this character. 

Eve Austin: The film was written by director Rob Margolies. It is based on his personal experience of losing a great deal of weight and how it affected his life. It is unusual in that its a romantic comedy with a male protagonist. “A comedy with a heavy subject.” It is the first film that Randy Quaid has made in 9 years. Features some wonderful comedy talent, Cathy Najimi, Peter Scolari, Jason Mewes, Ashley Black. It is a sweet and funny film. It will be released on Amazon by this December.

You are a Writer for the dramedy, Lola Does Manhattan. Why did you write this story? 

Eve Austin: Lola was created as a love letter for the millions of people who feel stuck in their life and ignore their intuition. It is a project that I have been working on for 4 years, happily the subject matter never grows old- no pun intended. The show is funny, fresh and carries a subtle yet serious message. 

Eve Austin: “When a worldly, yet naive, fun-loving empty nester (50’s) leaves her marriage and moves to Manhattan, she unwittingly begins the most important journey of her life- finding herself- and meeting her inner self in human form” The adventures she goes on involves her new friends, family and of course NY City.” It is particularly empowering/relevant for baby boomers who represent 40% of the country and 80% of all expendable income. It seems that this market has been largely ignored in entertainment and will soon explode into the marketplace. I am looking for experienced collaborators to join me in this project- showrunners who want to help me pitch and believe in this market’s strength and concept.”

What is next for you? 

Eve Austin

Eve Austin: Creating soul-satisfying films/shows for audiences all over the world. As an Actress, completing the film, Subject A Male, I’m shooting for the short film Confidant by Award-Winning Writer/Director Debra Debbie Markowitz. Also, I am shooting John Gallagher’s next masterpiece “All Mobbed Up” in early 2020. It will be on a powerful Network TV show on 1/9/20- (not allowed to mention who until air time.

As a Producer and Actress, Several projects including the aforementioned Lola Does Manhattan. Creating original, smart heartfelt content to lift people’s spirits, give them hope and understanding about what our purpose is in this life and how we can support and help those lost in their path, to regain strength and understanding and then pass it forward.

Eve Austin is represented by Agent Lynda Arnold of Seven Stars Talent LA/NY and Baker Management in NY.