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Actress, Writer and Comedian Rebecca Corry’s Stand Up For Pits Foundation Fundraiser at The Hollywood Improv

Rebecca Corry Stands Up For Pits at Hollywood Improv – Performances, Silent Auction and Donation Drive Benefiting Pit Bull Type Dogs

By Judy Shields

Photos The Hollywood Times – Tina Kavanaugh

Los Angeles, California (The Hollywood Times) 11/08/2022 – Rebecca Corry was busy on the red carpet with interviews and saying hello and thank you to her comedian, actor and filmmaker friends.  We had the chance to say hello and have an in-person meet and greet. She said she was looking forward to talking with everyone about her cause to bring awareness to pit bull type dogs and to NEVER buy a dog from a pet shop or breeder, to adopt them or even foster a dog.

Rebecca Corry onstage Hollywood Improv looking our way

On Sunday, November 6, 2022, comedian Rebecca Corry filled the Hollywood Improv with laughter to benefit her nonprofit, Stand Up For Pits Foundation, a 501(c)3 organization dedicated to educating, advocating and saving the lives of pit bull type dogs.  She is one funny comedian and speaks the hard truth about how these types of dogs are treated unfairly and too often abused. Humans need to be held accountable for their actions of cruelty against these dogs!

The red carpet event featured comedians/actors Chris Williams, Ricki Lake, Nicole Sullivan, Mindy Sterling, Pete Lee, Jacqueline Pinol (“Bosch”), Kash Hovey, Agustin Flores, filmmaker Amy Ziering, Ricki Lake’s husband Ross Burningham, Instagram star Christian Garcia.

There was also a silent auction to help SUFP fund spays, neuters and frontline rescue efforts nationwide. Although the event was sold out, the public dropped by to donate dog and cat products during the on-site donation drive, which will go directly to South LA Animal Shelter.  Check out the items that were for auction:

Stand Up For Pits special guest Mama on red carpet

“Our Stand Up For Pits! events have raised much needed funds, allowing us to save countless pit bull type dogs and donate hundreds of thousands of dollars of supplies to animal shelters,” states Corry. “These funds are crucial so we can save more dogs like Mama, one of our many rescues, who survived a life of abuse and as a result, had to have her ears removed… which has not dampened her spirit and teaches us so much about the compassion, forgiveness and inherent goodness these dogs have.”

“It’s a joy to support such an amazing cause,” states Reeta Piazza, Hollywood Improv talent booker. “Stand Up For Pits is our longest running charity event that we host, and we look forward to helping the organization raise more funds.”

For more comedy time with Rebecca Corry, you can check out her album on December 9, streaming on 30+ platforms worldwide. And on January 17, her comedy special, “Stand Up For Pits with Rebecca Corry,” hosted by Kaley Cuoco, will premiere on Amazon and Apple TV and include performances by Bob Saget, Fortune Feimster, Josh Wolf and Adam Ray. All proceeds from both benefit SUFP.

Check out this video from YouTube:

Rebecca Corry is an actress, writer and comedian who has been bringing laughter to audiences worldwide for over 25 years. She is also the founder of the Stand Up For Pits Foundation, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to educating, advocating and saving the lives of pit bull type dogs.

The Hollywood Times spoke with Mark Rulon, who runs an organization for Pit Bull Rescue. Enjoy our conversation:

Mark & Lizz Rulon

About Mark Rulon – Executive Director & Founder

Mark Rulon

Mark is a retired Police Officer and a Medal of Valor recipient. After adopting his first Pit Bull “Lola” he realized how many Pit Bulls are in the shelters and how misunderstood and abused this breed is. This realization got him into the world of Pit Bull rescue. Mark and his wife Lizz own 5 gorgeous Pit Bulls. He has a strong passion for all animals but Pit Bulls pull on his heartstrings. The rescue was founded in 2018 and Mark didn’t let one minute go to waste. Mark has rescued over 90 Abused and neglected Pit bulls and counting in just two years. He devotes his entire life to this rescue and has built an outstanding team that values him just as much.  Click HERE to find out more about his organization


The Stand Up For Pits Foundation supports Pit Bull “type” dog rescues around the country by raising funds, providing publicity opportunities and Pibble adoptions at the Stand Up For Pits live events (to read just some of the Foundation success stories go to www.standupforpits.us/sufp-success-stories).

The Foundation donates to and supports educational programs and front line rescue efforts. We advocate, educate and save lives and we will continue to focus our efforts to end dog fighting, abuse and discrimination.

To learn more about the live events produced by the Foundation go to www.standupforpits.us/one-million-pibble-march-on-washington-dc and www.standupforpits.us/stand-up-for-pits-events

100% of funds raised go directly to front line rescue efforts, initiatives and all SFUP Foundation related expenses. We are very pleased with the growth and support of the Foundation from people in and outside of the animal community. We are proud of  the impact we’ve had and change we have created and inspired in such a short period of time. That shows us people want to take action and that behavior we strongly encourage because if we are to ever get law makers to end BSL, and get off the giant hamster wheel that is rescue, we must ALL do what we can. We are a solution driven Foundation open to new ways of doing things. We understand this is a long journey and we are dedicated to ending the abuse and discrimination of Pit Bull “type” dogs and by doing so improving the safety of communities for humans and pets.

We believe what is happening to Pit Bull “type” dogs is not just an animal issue but very much a direct reflection of a broken society thus making it EVERYONE’s problem. While we are members of the animal welfare community but we also are members of society and have a responsibility to not ignore or tolerate hate and discrimination towards any living being.