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By Jules Lavallee

Los Angeles, CA (The Hollywood Times) 4/7/20-

You are the First and Only Actress to Play Leading Roles in Two Off-Broadway Musicals at the Same Time. Tell us about your recent work.

Yes! I had the pleasure of starring in a 2 person musical called “Danny & Sylvia, The Danny Kaye Musical,” as Sylvia Fine, Danny Kaye’s wife, and simultaneously also starring in a one-women show about Fanny Brice called “One Night WIth Fanny Brice” both Off-Broadway in NYC at St. Luke’s Theatre. It was so fun, challenging and what a wild ride to be playing one character for a matinee, changing my wardrobe and hair and doing the other show in the evening or vice versa. Both of these opportunities catapulted me to some of my most recent work, which includes my Solo touring show called Fabulous Fanny Brice (www.fabulousfannybriceshow.com) that travels the country (and an album is available online and on all streaming platforms), in a Broadway show called the Zeigfeld Midnight Frolic where I also played Fanny Brice and in a musical heading to Broadway called Ghostlight where I again play Fanny Brice! You are now probably sensing a theme. If so, you are correct! I have now become the go-to Fanny Brice gal with now 4 shows and 2 albums under my belt and have been honored to have received so much buzz and other projects since and coming (check out www.kimberlyfayegreenberg.com for more) because of that association. If you as a reader are not familiar with who Fanny Brice is, then go watch this legend’s videos on YouTube or check out the musical/movie Funny Girl based on Fanny Brice’s life. Of course, Google me or visit my websites for more on me as this legend!

What do you enjoy most about being a Performing Arts Consultant and Broadway Expert?

As a Broadway Expert and Performing Arts Consultant (www.thebroadwayexpert.com) I love to help other artists rise and to encourage collaboration amongst our communities. I am also a firm believer (as it’s how my own career has blossomed) to help and encourage others through my consulting/coaching work to embrace using their own unique talents, personality and skill sets to carve out a unique niche in the performing arts community and not be afraid to make their own path and their own rules. And honestly in helping others, whether it’s to inspire them to continue on the long road of being an artist or if it’s to help them level up in marketing materials or in ways to get seen, it also really inspires me too as both an artist and a coach. Seeing my clients successes (whether it’s on getting Rep, booking a Broadway show or tv role or even creating their own work that helps them to rise) helps to keep me on my path to continue to learn and grow as a performer as well as keeps me accountable with my own goals.

As far as stories with clients, I have people I work with all over the country and I am so impressed when I see them taking big risks (especially on social media) to share their talents and get the jobs they want. I tend to work with a lot of my clients on Branding and marketing strategy so they work smarter and not harder to achieve goals and gain career momentum. I have a client who lives in North Carolina who is an amazing talent and so unique. She moved into this market only recently (and the southeast market is booming) and it was amazing to see how her pointed branding that we did together has been such a catalyst for achievement. She is now booking a ton of acting in the Atlanta and southeast market. I am so proud! I have many clients here in NYC where I am based and seeing them compete at the highest levels is so exciting. I have a client who we discussed her creating her own reel footage. Well, she did that and from there, people loved her reel footage so much that the footage became a catalyst for a webseries based off it it. They shot a full season and now have won so many elite festivals and even have been pitching studios and getting a potential deal for a second season. Truly, this kind of work makes me beam as a coach. I love watching actors and helping them take their careers into their own hands to create success which then always brings other success from places they never expected and in ways beyond their dreams.

You have made a mark for yourself as the gal with the penchant for playing Historical women of the early 20th century. What do you enjoy most about these characters? 

Yes! It’s very funny that it is not that often that I play a character in the present modern-day. From my Fanny Brice and Sylvia Fine portrayals mentioned previously, I have also been honored to recreate Kathleen Kennedy, Lillian Hellman. Marguerite Taylor, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene and more! And of course, along with that has come many fictional women as well from different historical times (like my most recent recur on THE PLOT AGAINST AMERICA which was set in the 1940s).

What do I love about playing historical women? Well, I’m a huge costume junkie. I love putting on period clothing and being surrounded by things from the past. It’s almost like you don’t have to act once you are surrounded and wearing the things of a completely different time. Automatically you sit, stand and walk differently. I also love research and when it comes to the real women I have portrayed I love to get my hands on everything I can to read and soak up to ensure I can do my due diligence in honoring their legacies with my work recreating them. 

What are you most proud of

I think that I am the most proud of my work as Fanny Brice. For numerous reasons. I have been playing her the longest. Over 10 years. And being I have played her in numerous shows with which the character of Fanny serves differing purposes I have had to really be fluid in my interpretation to fit the project with which I’m in. Her portrayal still keeps me on my toes and I continue to find new and interesting things about her in performance. And consequently, the work playing her informs me as a human as well. She is truly part of my soul as a human.

In the HBO mini-series “THE PLOT AGAINST AMERICA” Starring Winona Ryder, Anthony Boyle, and Zoe Kazan, you play Rachel Michelson. Tell us about the series and your character.

I had such a wonderful time working on this show. There are some times when you walk onto a set or walk into a rehearsal and you just know you are surrounded by genuine and giving and talented humans and this was the case here. I loved every minute being part of this project. And as a history buff of this time period myself ( I have been studying the holocaust since I was a young kid) and, of course, as a Jewish actor who plays historical women this project really was close to my heart. As Rachel Michelson, my character was the Librarian of the show, and I had a wonderful time working with Zoe Kazan (Bess) in a scene (for Episode 3) where she came to me to get some information on immigrating to Canada. We shot it in the gorgeous Newark Public Library. Where Phillip Roth (as the author of the book THE PLOT AGAINST AMERICA) has donated much of his estate and Zoe and I got the most wonderful tour of the old stacks and some hidden gems in the library in-between takes. Unfortunately as far as my scene, and as it does goes a lot of the time in an actor’s life, my scene was cut for time from episode 3, but luckily you can still see me for a quick bit as Rachel in Episode 4. I’ve been loving watching the series. It’s so poignant and powerful for the time we live in and I am so thrilled to have been a small part.

What makes you unique as an Actress? 

Well, besides my knack for playing historical women, I’m your quintessential sassy brassy NY Jewish Broad.

Share your upcoming projects for 2020.

Well, currently watch THE PLOT AGAINST AMERICA on HBO. My solo show Fabulous Fanny: The Songs and Stories of Fanny Brice (www.fabulousfannybriceshow.com) is headed west in 2021 to Arizona and more. So be sure to check my show website as updates come in for my bookings. My bucket list item of being on a game show came true this year. This may sound so silly, but I really never thought this would come true. I don’t consider myself “book” smart or great at any sportsman like activity so the fact that this aligned with my sense was glorious.. Lol. Anyhow, I’m a contestant on the new podcast gameshow called FACTORIOUS from the creators of CHOPPED (Keller/Noll) . It will start to air April 14th on Apple podcasts.

As far as other future projects, I like everyone else in our communities and with the state of our current climate/pandemic will have to see what the world brings as far as tv/film opportunities, I do hope and would like to think there will be an explosion of projects those of us out of work due to the quarantine once it is safe to be working together again. But for now, I’m always creating and love to inspire so you can always find me doing something over on my social media feeds, so be sure to follow me there.

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