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Actress and Writer, Maggie Wagner in ‘ALL MOBBED UP” Directed by John Gallagher 

By Jules Lavallee

Los Angeles, CA (The Hollywood Times) 02/12/2020 –


When did you discover your love for the entertainment business? 

From the moment I popped into the world, I have loved nothing more than making people laugh. It’s just a natural thing I’ve had since age 3. I loved being the center of attention and was never scared or fearful of the stage. But I was about 7 when it dawned on me that my very own uncle was the movie director Mark Rydell. I think from that point on I was obsessed with anything show biz and made it my life goal to become a professional actress.  


What roles are you known for? 

Many people have seen me in big-budget movies like “ Working Girl” and “For the Boys” but those roles are rather small. But the role many people saw was me playing a young actress in the Oscar-nominated film “Anna” starring Sally Kirkland 

How do you prepare for roles? 

I do a lot of homework which includes using my method acting technique ..” making everything very personal”. So I’ll look at the script and make every line have layers and layers of meaning to me. I am now a lifetime member of the Actors Studio. I have been trained by the best people in the world and I hope I can bring that to every role. 


Tell us about your most recent film, “Sarah Q” directed by John Gallagher. What did you enjoy most about the project? 

In “Sarah Q” I was so lucky to team up with John Gallagher for our eighth collaboration! I enjoyed the project simply because everyone was so helpful. The crew was fabulous, plus the great young talent to work with and of course, being directed by John. I was also especially happy because Sally Kirkland was in the film and she and I are best friends! So it was incredible on all accounts. 


Tell us about “All MOBBED UP.” What interested you about this role? 

I’m so excited to be included in the cast. I’m especially happy about my scenes because I get to act Sally once again!! And being directed  by John Gallagher in any movie is always a blessing. 


Share your upcoming projects in 2020

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