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A Taste of Ecstasy:

largerThe Sensual Debut of Skirt Club

By Kataka Gara and Valerie Milano


West Hollywood, CA (The Hollywood Times) 9/27/16 – Picture yourself, walking into a private club on the Sunset strip and greeted by a beautiful, all-smiling blond. She hands you a glass of champagne and welcomes you with, “I’m so glad you made it tonight!”  

Grace Smith here for the free Skirt Club MP3 hypnotherapy session based on the confidence building exercise you all experienced Thursday night.
Grace Smith gifted guests free Skirt Club MP3 hypnotherapy session based on the confidence building exercise we all experienced.

She checks to make sure you are on the private list and off you go, into the mystery.


As you enter the dark, clean The Standard Hotel club, there’s great music being mixed by a live female DJ that just sounds so good – beckoning the night to get sexy. Spinning for Skirt Club’s LA launch party was Miss Meg aka Megatronic (link to

The vibe is sensual and easy feeling, no stress about not fitting in. Most of the women are laughing and dancing together. It almost seems like a group of friends who know each other but there are at least 80 women here, smiling and checking each other out.

This is the Los Angeles debut party of Skirt Club – a hot, underground members-only sexual club; exclusively for women who are into women.

Geneviéve LeJeune, the founder, originally from London, is incredibly friendly to everyone she meets, immediately hugging each woman hello and chatting with her smart and sexy British accent.


She makes everyone feel welcome and does double-duty as the evening’s MC for the burlesque show with a beautiful professional dancer, and then, the “tequila salt licking contest”.

Geneviéve LeJeune wearing Dark Star
Geneviéve LeJeune wearing Dark Star

How it works is really good, clean fun: a gorgeous redheaded hottie, Isobel Fuller, the USA Events Curator, is splayed on a chaise lounge on her back in the middle of the dance floor. Everyone gathers around her while salt is applied to her perfect, bare legs and a lime put in her mouth.


Upon the countdown from Geneviéve, the contestants race with their tongue up her legs, are handed a shot of tequila to quickly slam, then attempt to be the first to her lips to capture the lime with their mouth and win the prize of a hot, tongue kiss!

It was a very successful game.


Other games for the evening included spin the bottle/kiss the girl near the huge, comfortable couch, with 20 women playing; and spanking games, where thin “spank sticks” were passed out to everyone that said “spank me” on them. (Paddles provided by Pleasure Chest)

We were encouraged to gently tap anyone on the butt with the spanking stick that we wanted to get to know better.

Through the night until 2am, the women flirted, danced, drank free-flowing champagne, ate fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies provided as part of the little gifts of membership and then continued to order more drinks from the no-host bar.

It had been a long time since I felt so good, going to a bar.

skirt-logoHere, I never thought once if men were going to interrupt my flirting with a hottie or worse, if I spoke to a beautiful girl – only to discover she was part of the scouting side of a straight couple, looking for a unicorn for the night. This didn’t happen because no men were allowed in the club. And I never once did I feel any of the women give me attitude. All the women felt welcome.

I am deeply familiar with this feeling and this type of club, having founded the World’s first Lesbian Sex club in San Francisco, over 25 years ago. It was the gay 1990’s when Lesbians and Gays were fighting for our rights around the AIDS crisis and educating ourselves and others that Silence = Death and we were not shutting up. The Community was like an unruly teen, refusing to keep quiet, demanding our right to love each other, even if it was in sex clubs.

I was determined to have a Lesbian club because gay males had sex clubs and why couldn’t Lesbians too?

For 5 years, it was exhilarating to own a monthly rave-like club, where thousands of women came to connect in a sensual and sexual way, while we had live sex shows on stage, strippers, chocolate fountains and little sexy hideaways where women could explore with each other in a safe and sensual environment. It was a defining era in the Lesbian community that burst open our empowerment around sex and sensuality.

Secret’s out: Exclusive women-only Skirt Club is starting up in Sydney. Picture: Victoria Dawe Photography
Secret’s out: Exclusive women-only Skirt Club is starting up in Sydney. Picture: Victoria Dawe Photography

Skirt Club felt exactly like my club: fun and full of possibility, with no guilt, no shame and like a sensual slumber party, where you could make-out or get down with your hot new friend and not have to worry about her becoming your girlfriend. It was playing in the present moment and not worrying about the future.

Skirt Club started in London 3 years ago; came across the pond to NYC and is now in LA. The parties are like an event, happening irregularly but rotating from city-to-city, country-to-country. What’s unique about this party is how they vet the members.  You are welcome to be a member of the website and even come to the casual meeting at a nice bar. But this is just the initial phase of the process; and no sex occurs at the bar event, since nudity and alcohol are not allowed in legal clubs with a liquor license.

This launch party is a great way to meet the type of women there and they get to see you. Members are encouraged to come to the debut “meet and greet” events called Mini Skirt, usually held at a bar a, to connect and get a feel for the type of women who will attend the play party private event, scheduled at a later date in a private home. Once meting other members, if you feel comfortable tickets for the signature party can be purchased on their website.

Skirt club for females only
Skirt club for females only

As the Skirt Club website says, “Skirt Club is an underground community for girls who play with girls”.  This club isn’t for every type of Lesbian. It mostly caters to bi-sexual/bi-curious women between ages 21-49 (yes, there is an age limit), who want to explore more on the sensual side of things, that men just simply cannot provide and without their boyfriend in tow.

Prices for tickets range from $40 for the initial bar event, up to $180 for the actual sex event, if you miss the early bird special. The parties are announced regularly in Europe, Australia and America.

My sensual evening ended with me bumping into a new friend whom I had recently met prior to the club, at another event and was still getting to know.

In a burst of excited anticipation, she admitted to me that she had a crush on me but could not act on it because she had a girlfriend.  I felt the exact same way she did, but it was fine with me, as we could still enjoy each other’s company for the evening. And so we did. That evening, I drove her home, with more probabilities to be continued into the evening…

@katakagara Grand Reiki Master. Singer-Musician-Sound Healer. Author. Inventor. Beekeeper. Motorcyclist. Founder: @wehealu & Temple Of Perfection & Club Ecstasy Lounge.
Grand Reiki Master. Singer-Musician-Sound Healer. Author. Inventor. Beekeeper. Motorcyclist. Founder: @wehealu & Temple Of Perfection & Club Ecstasy Lounge.

I can’t wait to go to the actual sex event, scheduled for November 5th at a private home in West Hollywood. I already have my ticket and am looking forward to meeting many new sexy and sophisticated friends there.

Kataka Gara written for The Hollywood Times

September 27th, 2016

Kataka Gara is the founder of Club Ecstasy Lounge, the world’s first Lesbian sex club, started in San Francisco, CA.