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A Conversation with Virgil Grant, a pioneer of the legal cannabis industry, a medical cannabis dispensary owner, cultivator, manufacturer, and civic advocate

By Judy Shields

Rancho Cucamonga, California (The Hollywood Times) 04/29/2021

Virgil Grant’s California Cannabis features all organic specials for the international 420 cannabis holiday that was celebrated on April 20 — the Handcrafted Canna-gar, Sun Brewed Tea, and Drippin’ J.

The items are available at California Cannabis’ three locations in Los Angeles. Visit the company website,https://www.californiacannabiswc.com/, for more information.

The California Classic exclusive, all organic and cannabis-infused Sun Brewed Tea ($25) is one of the company’s top sellers. It is sold in an insulated, double walled stainless steel flask that will remain cold for several hours. “It’s made hippie style, old school,” Grant says. “It’s an amazing tea. It’s spring time and with summer coming up, it’s a great refreshment that will have you feeling good.”

“There is truly a great deal to learn about the cannabis world and I truly enjoyed learning about the valuable medicinal uses of cannabis from treating pain, stress, PTSD, eating disorders, arthritis, knee joint pain, CTE (Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy), bipolar disorder, cancer, dialysis, and more.”  Judy Shields, The Hollywood Times

Virgil Grant said, “I’ve dealt with so many people who have come through my business. I advise them on the best products to use. We have a huge medicine clientele.”

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In coming months, Grant, who is one of six Black Cannabis dispensary owners in Los Angeles, will be announcing his expansion plans, a new strategic partnership, and latest political efforts in support of social equity for business persons of color in the space.

The 30-year cannabis veteran, who is a cultivator and manufacturer, also played a vital role in the authoring and passing of Measure M, the Los Angeles proposition passed in 2017 that gave the City Council jurisdiction to regulate licensing, selling, taxing, and enforcement of the business of cannabis.

About Virgil Grant

The Los Angeles Times designates Virgil Grant as “the de facto leader of the cannabis industry.” MG Magazine hails him as “the King of Los Angeles.”

For more than two decades, Mr. Grant has been a pioneer of the legal cannabis industry as a medical cannabis dispensary owner, cultivator, manufacturer, and civic advocate. 

Virgil Grant California Cannabis Bureau of Cannabis Control

Virgil Grant’s advocacy work spearheaded the City of Los Angeles’ regulatory efforts as a key author, initiative leader, funder, and chief fundraiser ushering the passage of Measure M, which sets new precedents for the city with responsible guidelines, regulations and licensing. Additional civic municipalities throughout the state and nation have turned to Mr. Grant for providing guidance in drafting their ordinance and regulations with his wide-ranging expert insight, experience and knowledge of the industry. He has also been entrusted in this role of writing and directing the ordinance work on behalf of State of New Jersey at the legislative level with NJ Senators Scatori and Rice, plus Assembly member Holley. 

With his multifaceted cannabis business experience, Mr. Grant specializes in establishing commercial sites in all cannabis market sectors from construction, licensing and permits to grand opening from the state of California to other states in the U.S.

An expert cultivator, Virgil Grant has built a premium brand called California Cannabis West Coast as the finest cannabis product which he proudly boasts to as “Only the best grows in the West.” Mr. Grant’s grand scheme is for his product brand to become the “McDonald’s of Cannabis.” 

Grant was honored by the California State Assembly with the prestigious Community Pioneer Award at the 2017 California Democratic State Convention for his work in the cannabis industry on veterans and social equity issues, and is also regularly featured as an cannabis industry expert in media outlets such as the Los Angeles Times, VICE, Forbes, London’s The Guardian, BuzzFeed, Marijuana Business Daily, LA Weekly, LA Daily News, and others. 


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