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A Conversation with TCM Host & Author Alicia Malone About Her Newest Book “GIRLS ON FILM”

Alicia Malone

By Judy Shields

Hollywood, California (The Hollywood Times) 05/13/2022

JUST RELEASED: TCM Host Alicia Malone’s Newest Book GIRLS ON FILM

Lessons from a Life of Watching Women in Movies

With humor and honesty, Girls on Film looks at the good, the bad, and the unfairly written women in film. This collection celebrates the power of cinema, media, culture and the faces of girls on film.

Alicia Malone’s newest book “Girls on Film” (Photo THT)

Weaving together life lessons with movie history, film reporter Alicia Malone celebrates the power of cinema and the women who shone brightly on the big screen, while also critiquing hidden messages in films. Alicia connects film analysis with her own journey of self-discovery— from growing up as a nerdy film lover in Australia to finding her voice as a woman on television.

What messages and life lessons have been taken from these movies of the past – positive, negative or sometimes, both? Alicia Malone highlights many films, some with life changing moments and others with a tribute to feminist authors and messages.

“It is true in life, that we all have a story to tell and Alicia Malone’s is captured so well and brilliantly in her newest book “GIRLS ON FILM.”  It was a quick read for me and I couldn’t put it down. So much information using specific films she chose and how that film affected her and her life. I highly recommend this book for your reading pleasure and for your book club as well. Us women can learn a thing or two from this book! This is a great gift to give to the book lover(s) in your life after you get yourself a copy.  Click here to order her book.” Judy Shields, The Hollywood Times

The Hollywood Times had the opportunity to speak to Alicia Malone about her newest book “GIRLS ON FILM”. Enjoy the conversation as she breaks down the title of each chapter in her book:

In this modern approach to film reviews and women, you’ll find essays on:
  • Hidden messaging and life lessons in films
  • The journey of women’s history in film
  • Breakdowns on movie stereotypes like the “The Femme Fatale”

About The Author

Alicia Malone on set TCM studios

Alicia Malone is a host on Turner Classic Movies (TCM) and the host of TCM Imports, showcasing cinematic treasures from around the world each Sunday.

Malone is an authority on classic, independent, and foreign films, and is passionate about supporting women in film. As an author, Malone’s two books – Backwards and in Heels and The Female Gaze – explore the accomplishments and obstacles women have faced throughout cinema’s history. She has also given two TEDx talks on the subject. Her next book, Girls on Film: Lessons From a Life of Watching Women in Movies, will be released in spring 2022.

Malone began her television career two decades ago in her native Australia, working behind the scenes as a writer, producer, and editor for movie-centric television shows. Her expertise in film saw her transition to host, interviewer, and film critic for television, radio, print, and online. In 2011, Malone moved to Los Angeles, and since then has appeared as a film expert on a variety of television channels and programs, including CNN’s ‘The Movies’ documentary series, MSNBC, Access Hollywood, E!, Entertainment Tonight, MTV, and ABC’s 2019 ‘Live from the Red Carpet’ Oscar pre-show.

Previously, Malone was the host of FilmStruck, TCM’s streaming service for movie lovers, and was the host and creator of Fandango’s series ‘Indie Movie Guide.’

Malone’s dedication to film history and supporting women filmmakers saw her named one of LA Weekly’s People of 2019, and one of 100 #WorthyWomen of 2016. She can also be seen on the Criterion Channel and as the host of Focus Features’ ‘Reel Destinations’ series.

About Turner Classic Movies (TCM)

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Alicia Malone at this year’s TCM Classic Film Festival on the red carpet for opening night film “E.T.” 4/21/2022

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