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A Conversation with Fashion Stylist Jen Principe about her new book “A Common Thread: A Fashion for the Soul Book”

By Judy Shields

Los Angeles, California (The Hollywood Times) 06/01/2022 – “I want to inspire others to overcome challenges and recognize their souls’ calling, and to provide a platform for anyone to be able to afford the luxury of having a personal stylist and utilizing wardrobe to build confidence and self-esteem,” says Jen Principe.

Fashion stylist Jen Principe talks to The Hollywood Times about her first ever memoir book entitled, “A Common Thread: A Fashion For The Soul Book” (out June 7).  The title is a one-of-a-kind fashion memoir that interweaves fashion with faith, while providing stylist tips to the everyday person. “A Common Thread” features an innovative QR code system for styling advice, and in it, Jen documents her life journeys — a soul stylist with a sole purpose:  to help transform lives from the outside in.

Put on your fancy and colorful headphones or earbuds and enjoy our conversation about Jen’s new book:

This is one of the best books for your book club. It will definitely open up many memorable conversations, like how to forgive and maybe a courageous moment in your career.

Pre-order your copy now and share this link: (https://www.amazon.com/Common-Thread-Fashion-Soul-Book/dp/B09YLK6Z1B) with all your friends. A great book to help us all with fashion sense and weeding through our closet!

Jen shares her less than glamorous childhood in the book by unpacking the one constant in her life, fashion. Using her wardrobe as an outlet, Jen masked her adolescent trauma at home by changing her identity with different clothing trends.

Learning the powerful psychological impact behind what we wear ultimately led to her dream job as a celebrity fashion stylist.

“The personal stories and guidance I offer are not just for those looking for great fashion advice,” says Jen. “It’s also for those who have endured pain or challenges – to see that trauma doesn’t define them and is not a final destination. The book is for those that are afraid to take risks, and to understand that true courage is not the absence of fear.”

Each chapter offers its own unique true story with a theme and life lesson about what to wear by inspiring people to choose outfits that boost their confidence levels. Jen supplements her stories and fashion tips in a revolutionary way, through the use of a unique system in which readers can scan the available QR code in the book to gain access to their very own stylist tutorials and discover their own inner stylist along the way.

In “A Common Thread,” Jen tackles topics including:

  • Learning the meaning and the messages behind the clothes we wear, and how they can affect our lives from the boardroom to the bedroom, and everything in between.
  • Transforming your life from the outside in.
  • Recognizing the “common threads” in our own lives, and realizing that we are all connected.
  • Listening to our inner voices (the “God-shots”) and acting upon them.

Having worked with hundreds of clients over the past 12 years, Jen hosts Los Angeles’ KTLA TV’s “How to be Your Own Personal Stylist” segment, and her work has been featured on Hallmark’s “Home & Family,” in the Associated Press, FocusJMGCalabasas StyleVentura Boulevard and Sherwood Life magazines. In 2021, she was featured as a top celebrity LA stylist on the BBC Network’s “Inside Beverly Hills.”

A portion of the proceeds from the book will be donated to The Phoenix Effect, Jen’s non-profit, in which she and her team provide curated and personalized photoshoot experiences for those suffering from debilitating diseases and/or trauma. Jen helps each “phoenix” reignite those parts of themselves that have become dormant during the healing process or birth a new, more powerful version of themselves. Each person is styled head to toe at a surprise location with a celebrity make-up artist and photographer, and is presented with a jpstyles-shutterfly photo book to share with their family and friends.

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