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A Conversation With Actor Barry Corbin

Barry Corbin (Photo by Shannon)

By Patty McCall

Fort Worth, Texas (The Hollywood Times) 02/19/2021 – “Davy Crocket had a motto: ‘Always be sure you’re right, then go ahead.’ My trouble is I never can figure out when I’m right so I spend most of my time running around in circles.” Barry Corbin told The Hollywood Times during a sit down interview.


While at a stand still during Covid-19, Barry Corbin is using his time wisely preparing for a ‘Night With Barry Corbin’. I had the opportunity to visit with Barry at his daughter Shannon’s Lone Star Garden venue in Fort Worth, Texas.  Barry explained “the evening will start with life born October 16, 1940 in Lamesa Texas.”

Growing up with a dad that was an attorney and Texas State Senator made life very interesting. Another segment of the night will include showing and talking about over one hundred  television, and film credits. Barry said the audience will take a 15 minute break, come back for question and answer segment.


THT: When did you know that you wanted to become an actor?

Barry Corbin (Photo by Shannon)


Barry Corbin: At seven years old I would go to watch westerns on the weekends with the cowboys at the movie theater. I decided the cowboys got up too early, worked too hard and didn’t make enough money, so I could be a cowboy actor and enjoy my work in life.



THT: Where did you start your acting career?

Barry Corbin: In New York theatres doing plays. I would also write plays to make money.  In 1977 when the blackout happened in New York, I told my wife I had enough let’s go to California. We loaded up our Ford Pinto station wagon and drove to LA. I wrote plays for Pop Corn Theater, which they paid 100 dollars for a 15 minute play and 50 dollars per actor. I would write a part for myself and sometimes for my wife. I acquired an agent and had an audition for a movie.


THT: What was your first movie role?

Barry Corbin: Uncle Bob in Urban Cowboy with John Travolta.

Barry Corbin as Uncle Bob in Urban Cowboy (1980)

THT: What are your most memorable TV shows and any Emmy nominations?

Barry Corbin: Well Northern Exposure which I was nominated for Best Supporting actor in 1993 and 1994.

Barry Corbin as former astronaut Maurice Minnifield in CBS Northern Exposure

THT: Myself, being a Cali-Okie, I like the TV show on Netflix The Ranch with Sam Elliott & Ashton Kutcher.  Where is that filmed?

Barry Corbin: Believe it or not that is filmed at Warner Bros. sound stage in Burbank, California before a live studio audience.

THT: How many children do you have?

Barry Corbin: I have one daughter and three sons, grandfather and a great grandfather which I am very proud of my family.

Shannon, his daughter filming the interview added, “He is perfect in my eyes.”

THT: What a delightful afternoon it was getting to know Barry Corbin and his daughter Shannon.

I took time to look around the outside of Lone Star Garden venue where weddings are held almost every weekend. I bet you will enjoy hearing all Barry’s stories next year with A Night With Barry Corbin.

Barry Corbin with THT Patty McCall (Photo by Shannon)

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