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This Year Carrick Photography is exploring the Vanderbilt’s Hyde Park, NY Home and the Great Camp Sagamore, Raquette Lake, NY –

By M. Salamone

The Vanderbilt Mansion, Hyde Park, New York (The Hollywood Times) 4/3/22 – One of many of the Vanderbilt Estates. This beauty built by Frederick Vanderbilt and architects McKim, Mead & White sits on the banks of the Hudson River, Dutchess County, NY

I remember going here is a little girl, overwhelmed by its grandeur, and loving every second. I’m thankful that I can come back today all grown up and still feel the excitement I did as a little girl. I’ll be doing a few Vanderbilt shoots in the future, here and in the Adirondacks.

Today a shoot at this amazing mansion. The staff was just getting ready for the season so not everything was out yet, knickknacks so to speak. Every room had been cleaned and dusted.

Now I’m not saying that the Mansion is haunted, but in some of the photos you can see this kind of shadowy hue, that I found very cool.

Becoming a national landmark in 1940. Vanderbilt Mansion National Historic Site is a 54-room, preserved gilded-age country palace. Oh the Gilded Age, and all the opulence that comes with it. Be still my heart!

This year I’ll be chasing the Vanderbilt’s and photographing the Great Camp Sagamore , Raquette Lake, NY, an Adirondack neighbor. Once again Frederick Vanderbilt with architect William West Durant built that great camp 1895, along with others in that time period.

Here’s a peek of a few images from today, April 2, 2022