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6th Annual San Diego HRC Gala

By Jenny Martinez


Photos by THT

San Diego, CA (The Hollywood Times) 8/14/17 – On Saturday, August 12th, 2017 the Human Rights Campaign hosted their 6th Annual HRC San Diego Gala Dinner and Auction at the Hotel Del Coronado.  The Victorian-style hotel is a world-renowned iconic landmark in San Diego.



Crown room at the Hotel Coronado Hotel. HRC Silent Auction 2017 (Photo: THT)

Walking into the Crown Room where the silent auction was

being held was beautiful with its breathtaking views of the beach and the Coronado Bridge. This event is the definition of poise and elegance.


Tessa Cabrera and Clarion on stage at the HRC San Diego Gala 2017 (Photo: THT)

Everyone in the room had such impressive ball gowns and suits that were nothing short of fabulous.  Tessa Cabrera and Clarione Guiterrez were our hosts, leading the night fluidly and graciously introducing our guest speakers.


A proud Veteran and HRC supporter with Chad Griffin (Photo: THT)

One of the many people to grace the stage was Chad Griffin, President of HRC, who spoke about the Charlottesville hate crime and how we need to stop the hate and spread more love to each other and help us rise.  Rise above the negativity, rise above the hate, and rise above the racism that we all have faced and continue to push forward for a better tomorrow.


Chad Griffin (Photo: THT)

This was the theme of the night and for the rest of our lives.  Chad said, “We have all come too far and fought too hard and accomplished too much to allow anyone to drag us backwards.  We stand unified today, we stand unified tomorrow, and when Donald Trump attacks any one of us he is going to keep hearing all of us.”


Katey Sagal (Photo: THT)

HRC is not just about LGBT rights, it’s also about fighting for all Americans whether they are Muslims, illegal immigrants, or disabled persons.  HRC fights for all human rights that are under attack and must stay united and continue to fight for what is right.


Senator Toni Atkins (Photo: THT)

After hearing some amazing speeches from Senator Toni Atkins and celebrity guests Katey Sagal and Eric Fanning, there was overwhelming support from everyone who attended.  HRC set a new record of raising over $12,000 in donations!


Eric Fanning (Photo: THT)

As the night came to an end, what began as a room full of strangers left us with the feeling of being amongst family.  It was an honor to attend this year’s HRC Gala and we look forward to next year!

on stage Liz Rodriguez (Photo: THT)

If you would like to donate, volunteer, or become a HRC Federal Club member, you can visit their website

An added plus – delicious dinner (Photo: THT)