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6 Tips for Blowing Bigger Clouds While Vaping


Many people vape as a hobby or to satisfy their craving for nicotine. Many first time vapers will not mind as long as vaping can help keep their nicotine cravings down. With time, however, they could be fascinated by huge clouds of vapors. 

Getting a massive cloud of vapor comes by practice alongside some tricks. Luckily, there are many ways you can adjust your device to boost your vapor cloud production. For people that are fascinated by the idea of blowing more significant clouds while vaping, here are some tricks that can make it possible.

Use the Right Battery

There are plenty of battery types one can use to get bigger clouds. The idea behind the choice of battery is to provide the right strength essential to power your device. To get a big cloud while vaping, you should not go with a device that has a fixed battery. 

Instead, you are better off with a modified vape and battery that gives you the capacity to adjust your volt and wattage. The idea is to have a battery that can power all your vaping sections and support bigger clouds without slowing you down. 

The Right e-juice Combination 

The nature of the eliquid in your device also determines how large your cloud will be. There are two primary components in all e-liquid: the PG and the VG. These two constituents serve distinct functions as the PG takes care of the throat hit and flavor while the VG gives the vapor. 

With this, anyone who wants a big cloud and big vapor should go after an e Juice with high VG. These days, one can get e-juice with a 100% VG ratio. The production of vast clouds of vapor will be easier with this. Although, if you prefer this choice, you must be willing to trade the flavor for clouds. 

Size of Vape tank

The size of your tank is essential if you want a considerable cloud size. This is one of the variables that you can adjust to get massive clouds. A big tank’s capacity to hold more vapor juice means that more juice will vaporize, translating to huge clouds.

However, the tank material matters as you need something that can withstand the high heat from the production of massive clouds. Pyrex materials or glass is a good choice.

We recommend sub-ohm tanks as they have the quality you need. Also, make sure you go for wax pen for concentrate as they make it easy to get massive clouds. 


Boost Your Air-Flow

One of the essentials in vaping that helps boost vapor production is the air-flow. If you raise the vaping power by increasing the wattage or reducing the coil resistance, it shoots up the vapor’s temperature, which might make vaping become uncomfortable.

When you open the air-flow, the device can suck in more fresh air, which brings down the vapor temperature, which makes vaping comfortable. Fortunately, this also helps increase the cloud produced. 

When you increase the air-flow over the atomizer, it allows more air to travel through the coil. As more air goes over the coil, it energizes the device to make plenty of vapor fast. As the production of vapor increases, it forces more vapor from the device, which increases the rate of expelling the old vapor from the device. 

Completely Breathe out and Empty Your Lungs 

As you breathe out, bend forward a little to empty all the air. 

Do not inhale yet but blow out all the air from your device to allow you to observe as the vapor goes out. With this, the vapor production increases as you breathe in using the device, which helps you start getting a big cloud. 

After this, breathe in long and hard. Straighten your back to open your lungs as you breathe in, which will allow more vapor to come in. 

Now breathe out steadily while you push your jaw out slightly at the same time. The process of slightly pushing out your jaw will open up your throat, allowing vapor to escape quickly. You might need some practice to get the hang of this. 

Finally, when it seems like you are almost running out of air, hold your lips tightly. With this, you will expel a mighty cloud of air, which will make the vapor explode and give a vast cloud. 


Cloud chasing needs a tremendous amount of power. For instance, the clouds you will get when vaping at 60 W will be way more significant than what you will get if you vape at 20 Watt, as long as the juice and tank are the same.

Don’t forget that higher power output will translate to an excessive temperature of the coil. This calls for caution not to crank your power to the highest level. 

The right choice is to go for sub-ohm tanks as they are built to withstand excessive power during vaping. However, one needs to be aware of the coil’s power setting not to go beyond it. The fact that a tank is classified for high power does not mean the coil can handle it.