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E! Lauren Graham talks with Busy Philipps

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CLIP 1: Lauren Graham Admits She Doesn’t Remember Meeting Busy Philipps






Awkward! The former “Gilmore Girls” actress comes clean about completely forgetting how she even met the host of “Busy Tonight.

CLIP 2: Lauren Graham Had a Surprise Thanksgiving Guest, Shirley MacLaine

The “Busy Tonight” host bonds with guest Lauren Graham over Thanksgiving carbs, having “zero chill” with their idols, taking over for Craig Ferguson & more.




“I love her work so much…and I’d actually had an encounter with her when I almost rented a beach place from her…But it was fantastic because she like threw open the door, we’d been standing there for like half an hour, but she threw open the door and she was like ‘I knew you were here’ and I was like, ‘We’ve been standing here for half an hour but okay,’ but anyway, I’d already had this incredible encounter with her and like, where she showed me around the house and she was like, ‘And you know, here is the oven but of course you don’t cook,’ like giving me little actressy, like we’re actresses, we are the same kind of thing. So that was incredible but then she came to the house and I just was so nervous I couldn’t function really and kept forgetting things…But it was incredible to have her in the house, what a treat…The first time, the beach house time, her psychic was there and her psychic said that I had good energy…which I’ve just dined out on for the rest of my life, and then she wrote her psychic’s phone number on a piece of Shirley MacLaine post-it.” – Lauren Graham on meeting Shirley MacLaine for the first time and then having her come to one of her Thanksgiving dinners

“I still I can’t believe I’m sitting here, you know? I still, in my mind like all I wanted was a part in the school play, and so I do feel genuinely that thankful to see people who I admire, you know?…I feel like this is a win for me, which has nothing to do with me, but like to see you here and knowing how much we both love talk shows and love this space, and have just talked about, you know, this as a dream, it’s empowering to me to be here with you…I would do it in a second.” – Lauren Graham on what she’s thankful for this Thanksgiving including “Busy Tonight” and on whether or not she’d do a talk show


“No…I don’t remember…I don’t even remember shopping on Robertson [Boulevard], that’s how long ago this was…Robertson has now, wait will I get in trouble for saying this? I don’t know. It’s just like paparazzi and like, people go there to be photographed now. Like they call and they’re like ‘Oops, you caught me now coming out of the store. I don’t know how this happened.’…But I don’t remember that.” – Lauren Graham on not remembering the first time she first met Busy Philipps


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Hosted by actress, The New York Times Best Selling author, and social media sensation Busy Philipps, and from Executive Producer Tina Fey, E!’s “Busy Tonight” features comedic commentary, interviews, and segments that go behind her most popular Instagram stories. Unfiltered, in-the-know and always entertaining, Busy gives her unique and hilarious point of view on literally everything.