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40 Years in the Making:

By Thomas Cale, Cale Communications

New York (The Hollywood Times) 12/3/17 – The Magic Music Movie is the story of a television producer’s love of a local band which played in Boulder Colorado during his college years in the early seventies. Lee Aronsohn’s curiosity about what became of the band and its musicians sends him on a crusade to find the original members and reunite them for one last show.

40 Years in the Making: The Magic Music Movie

The band Magic Music was a favorite among hippies of the Boulder area and beyond. Reminiscent of The Byrds and The Youngbloods, they were on a path to hit it big with major record labels. Their tendency to repeatedly make poor business decisions made it impossible for them to complete an album or sign a serious record deal. In one instance, they were sent away because a band member refused to wear shoes into a meeting.

Frustration led to infighting among band members, and families were beginning to want to settle down and leave behind the exhaustion of constantly being on the road. Those variables, compounded by drug and alcohol abuse caused the band to split in 1976 without ever having reached what could have been worldwide notoriety.

The reunion proves to be more than just a long-anticipated final concert. As the band members find themselves in the same room again, tears are shed and feelings are brought to the surface that bring to life all of the magic and the heartbreak of the past. The band’s essence becomes clear: the journey was not just about the music, but about the relationships forged, which grow stronger with age.

Anyone who gets a chance to see this movie is reminded that things often play out in the best possible way, even though it may take years to realize that friendships may ultimately be a far greater way to define success than fame is.