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4 Spooky Things Your iPhone is Doing

As we roll into the Halloween weekend, CMIT Solutions Beverly Hills warns us of some creepy iPhone facts.

Its Tracking You! – We are all attached to our iPhone these days and it knows our every move! It’s tracking us 24/7. Need proof, go to settings, and click on the privacy tab, then hit the location services. Its most likely on, it’s even tracking your most frequented places. Hit the Frequent Locations tab to see a spooky comprehensive list and map of your most visited places.

Where Can You Hide A Body – We all know you can ask Siri anything, but did you know she can help you with hiding a body? Just ask her!

You Are On Record – Every message you send is stored by Apple even your deleted ones! They are kept for a ‘limited time’ however Apple has not disclosed how long this limited period is, how odd!

Your Phone Can Read Your Mind – Check your apps microphone access. Often wonder why things you talked about pop up weirdly on your feeds. You need to head to your settings, then microphone settings and make sure none of your apps have microphone access.

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