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Best of Coachella X Global Inheritance Weekend One 2017

By Jesse Shields
As we all slowly acclimate ourselves back to reality from 4 days of Carpooling, Polar Bear Dating, Saving Nature Claw Machine Rescues, Recycling Exchanges and just getting TRASHed, let’s take a breath and relive some of our favorite festival moments. 
The Saving Nature Claw Machine makes it’s debut at Coachella 2017! Festival attendees pick their animals, talk with our experts and then control the claw to win backstage passes, Saving Nature merchandise and brownie points from the animal kingdom
Festival attendees go on a shopping spree at the Recycling Store / 10 For 1!
TRASHed Art of Recycling returns to the fields
Road trip to Coachella turns into the trip of a lifetime with VIP passes for life.
Ursus found love after the Polar Bear Dating Game on Thursday in Camping
Cell phones get a little bit of extra juice with the help of Energy Seesaws
Thanks to all the great people who participated in our programs and made Coachella Weekend 1 amazing!
See you in the desert for Weekend Two!

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