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asian-american-expo-logoBy: Judy Shields

Pomona, California (The Hollywood Times) 1/16/17 –   “As the largest Lunar New Year celebration in America, since 1982, the Asian American Expo was organized as a local community event founded to share a cultural heritage and to promote a better understanding among people of different backgrounds through a celebration of the Lunar New Year.  We are celebrating its 36th year,” said Shaun He, Business Development Coordinator with C.O.M.S Corporation.
The Hollywood Times was in attendance with thousands of attendees for the 2017 Asian American Expo. The Expo also proudly included three new components to the event, Asian American Expo, SILK Show and Anime Impluse.


The Asian American Expo was back again at Fairplex for the 2017 Lunar New Year this past weekend with new and diverse lineup of exhibits, sponsors, shows and activities. As the largest Lunar New Year celebration in America, the 2017 Asian American Expo, celebrated its 36th year.

asian-american-exhibit-hallThis year’s event was even bigger and more expansive than last year’s showing, featuring over 800 vendors in seven large exhibition halls, 2 unique food streets, and eight non-stop performing stages.


The Expo offers spectacular live traditional non-stop performances on eight stages throughout the show on both days. There were more than 45 different groups of entertainers and performers scheduled. Guests experienced Brazilian Samba, Spanish Flamenco, Chinese Acrobatics, Japanese Taiko, Thai, Korean traditional dances, cheerleading, drum craft, ballroom dancing, fashion runways and more. The Lion and Dragon dances were a must see for the Lunar New Year celebrations. Key activities to add to the expo bucket list are the annual Expo Eating Competition, Toyota Ride & Drive, Lucky Raffle Drawing and the Carnival Games Gallery.

asian-american-performersBuilding on the global reach of the Asian American Expo – this year the China Image Pavilion was back again in bigger than before, highlighting the different types of new age products, traditional Chinese items and commercial goods. The China Image Pavilion showcased expositions from the major Chinese cities of Shanghai, Fujian and ShanDong.

This year, vendors like AT&T and DIRECTV brought more integrated technology and entertainment to the Expo. Especially for the Asian American community and in honor of the Year of the Rooster, there was a competitive and fun mobile device game called the “Fire Rooster Run” as well as a brain-teaser on DIRECTV’s entertainment trivia. It was truly a fun game to have participated in.

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For 2017 the Asian American Expo included two special components to the  event, the SILK Fashion Outlet, and Anime IMPULSE Convention. The SILK Show is a dedicated street wear closeout sale featuring top brands like Adidas, Supreme, Stussy and HUF.

Whether you’re Cosplay hardcore, video game player, Otaku, or just the cartoon lovers, ANIME IMPULSE gave you a strong sense of belonging. Collection of “the second element” wonderful elements of their culture, various gods brought together in one place, there are performances and learn from there multiplayer and were dark gothic also had cute.  ANIME IMPULSE is like a separate real-world effects of spatio-temporal, creative abstract here, everyone can find the blood of dreams. Anime IMPULSE is a new anime and video games lifestyle event with headlining acts featuring Chris Villain, Elizabeth Rage, Amethyst Leon, Phil Mizuno, Kelly Eden, D-Piddy and more! This exhibition hall was like a mini comic con, with many attendees dressed in various Amine characters and there were many photo opportunities for the kids and adults alike.  This exhibit hall was wall to wall people and many lines to see the headlining acts.

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