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14-year-old Canadian Singer Songwriter, Bolu Adefemi’s song, “Make It Right” is Setting the Stage for Stardom

By Jules Lavallee

Los Angeles, California (The Hollywood Times) 5/22/2021 – Bolu Adefemi is a 14-year-old Canadian singer/songwriter of Zimbabwean and Nigerian origin who emerged as an important new artist in the summer of 2020 with her internationally acclaimed song, “Make It Right,” a powerful call to action about social injustices. Just weeks after first performing the song publicly she was performing it for media nationwide and around the world. She was honored with the Universal Women’s Network Award and is currently the 2020 Youth Excellence Ambassador and the 2020 Zimbabwe Young Achievers Award recipient.

When did you discover your love for writing songs and the power music can play on social issues?                  

Bolu, who performs as Bolu Sings, has dreams of one day winning a Grammy award. (Image submitted by Bolu Adefemi)

I’d like to say, I discovered this a while back as I have always enjoyed listening to songs that had a meaning or a message behind them. Jamie Grace was my inspiration and she always uses her music for inspiration. I realized at the tender age of 7 that the music she writes and plays affects me, and the way I feel. I wanted to be exactly like that, I not only wanted to write music, but music that has a message and an effect on the way people felt. So I started writing on topics I felt strongly about, and shared messages that I believed should be talked about more.. Make It Right is just one of many.

Your internationally acclaimed song, “Make it Right” is a powerful call to action about social injustices. Tell us about your creative process when writing the song. Why is this song so important to you? 

This song is extremely important to me as I am a young, black female. This is a song I wrote for all hoping to share the message of love. Make It Right will always hold a special place in my heart not only because of it’s fame, but it’s message. My creative process isn’t always the same; however it always consists of 1) Choosing my message 2) Writing the chorus 3) and seeing what flows paired with my guitar. Most songs aren’t written in one sit but usually over two days where some lyrics I come up with throughout the day! 

“We can’t get things done if we’re always fighting. We can’t get what we want to happen in the world, we can’t get to the future in what we need if we continue to put each other down and continue making people lower than the other,” – Bolu Adefemi


Make it Right – BoluSings Official Music Video

What does “Make it Right” look like to you?  

To me when I say “Make It Right” it means actually showing love to one another. Love doesn’t envy nor is it easy to anger. By learning to love our neighbors as ourselves, acknowledging our differences and putting them aside, we’ll be able to create a world that the next generation will not only appreciate but will be eager to maintain. That is what “Make It Right” is to me. To make it right towards racial discrimination, towards gender discrimination, towards disability discrimination etc. Is to “Make It Right” for all of us.

Why is this song resonating with the hearts and minds of people globally? 

Bolu Adefemi

I think that Make It Right resonates with so many hearts, minds and souls because deep down alot of us want the same thing. The fighting, the injustice is heartbreaking to many. Nobody wants to wake up fearing the next day or not even being able to sleep. Most people want a world where kindness is given free of charge, and where equality is given out in large. That’s exactly what “Make It Right” is about. It’s more than just a song but a cry out from a fourteen year old, already being impacted by these issues.

Tell us about your song, “Just Breathe.” 

“Just Breathe” is a song that will be released in the summer of 2021. Watching my parents, my teachers and even myself. I realized that most humans are in this cycle of just working nonstop. “Just Breathe” is an anthem reminding everyone worldwide that it’s not only needed- but okay to take breaks. Self-care is something I promote often, and “Just Breathe” was a perfect example of something I value!


EP:28 Social Justice and Music With Singer/Songwriter Bolu Adefemi

You won the Women of Inspiration 2020 Youth Excellence Award. How are you using your voice for more than singing? 

I do my best to use my voice for more than just singing. Using my voice to speak on topics has always been one of my strong points. From writing speeches about self love, the conscious and the subconscious, and why not to waste fresh water. To sharing positive messages daily, reposting fundraisers to help those in need, and being a voice for those who are too afraid/or can’t speak. I do my best to be a light and help those in need.

Where does your wisdom and maturity come from? 

Bolu Adefemi

I like to think that my wisdom and maturity comes from my parents and my beliefs. Without them I wouldn’t be where I am today. They’ve taught me so much, and set me up in the right direction. They’ve shown me right from wrong and installed that positive mentality I carry within me.

What’s next for you?

My new song “Just Breathe” will be released in the summer, as well as my second music video!! I want to continue to inspire others with my music, and am soon hoping to publish an EP. Overall I want to continue to be a beam of light for others and through music help them through their challenges through life.

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